1 month ago

I did this solo as a loop connecting a few other trails (trails listed at bottom of review). This hike was actually a little over 8 miles long. All Trails app locked up on me while hiking (it tends to do that with a bad data connection). The loop doesn't have a tremendous amount of beautiful vista's like other hikes in RRG. But if you like quiet, and solitude, this is a great workout during the weekdays. Saw only one couple the entire time.

Although this was not "technically" challenging per se, it was certainly a tough workout! The Rough Trail/Sheltowee Trace section, along with the entirety of Buck Trail are really up and down, with steep elevation change. Buck Trail feels like it will never stop on your quads! Now I know why the uphill sections are nicknamed "Buck You" lol. Koomer Ridge Trail is quite tame until the very end when you decend into Chimney Top Creek. Keep in mind, I'm 330lbs and 41y/o, so what is challenging for me may not be for you.

Koomer Ridge Trail #220 to Rough Trail #221 to Pinchem Tight Trail #223 to Buck Trail #226 back to Koomer Ridge Trail #220.

Note: Rough Trail #221 & The Sheltowee Trace #100 run together on this hike for a little.