on Raven Run Red Trail

9 days ago

Great go to trail-does get pretty wet when it rains, but it is easy and well marked- I never feel uncomfortable hiking it alone.

We live in Lexington, this is our quick go to trail. We love it!

Great to be so close to Lexington yet so removed. Almost every one says Hi on the trail. We have dogs I understand both the danger of the cliffs and protection of the woodland creatures.

1 month ago

Consistently one of my favorites. Variety in terrain and several nice viewpoints. Not overly difficult with plenty of spots to stop for a rest.

We had a good time with our 8, 5 and 3 year old. Probably will do it again soon.

wonderful nature trail. Saw 2 deer

Enjoyed the trail and views but it was disappointing there are no dogs allowed.

This trail was awesome! We took the white trails that branched off the red which i highly recommend and added over a mile to our total. The white trails have the really great parts! The creek was great! There were butterflies everywhere that landed on us! We saw several deer that had no fear of us at all! This is a beautiful, peaceful place.

We learned some amazing Scout Skills for 2 hours with Michael Downs. Then spent the next 3 hours hiking to and from the overlook. The trail was a little muddy, but otherwise in great shape. Always a great time at Raven Run Nature Sanctuary.

Very nice trail for my friend that has never hiked before

Awesome place with beautiful nature!!!

Beautiful trail. Saw lots of deer. They weren’t even afraid of us. Perfectly marked trail and beautiful scenery. Brisk walk, nothing too strenuous. A couple of uphill spots make for a great little workout.

Very nice trail. Make sure to do the white trails as well.

4 months ago

It was a good hike, not great. We did the entire red course and it was 4 Miles as opposed to the 5.5 listed on this app. We did spur off onto the white trail at times and if we had not, we’d have missed the waterfall (which was more like a water/rock feature with a small pool at the bottom). Easy access to cool off or take your shoes off to dip your feet! The over look was another highlight of the hike. Not too muddy, but there were spots that were along the route. I’d consider this a great place to hike with kids/family as you can take the blue or green trails back to the Nature Center at many points and shorten the length of this hike, which is the only thing I’d say might be difficult for beginners. The signage and available maps were wonderful! One of the best marked hikes we’ve been on. The drive back into Ravens Run was beautiful on our July morning!

fun trail. nice view from overlook

No matter how many times we do this convenient trail, it always delights

Great place for a quick day hike, awesome scenery, and great trails!

5 months ago

We loved the red trail. The waterfall was amazing and the butterflies were basically swarming us at the waterfall. We didn't find the trail to be hard, but can be muddy and slick in areas. We saw a deer and turkey along the trail. Make sure to take the short white trails off the red as they lead to some cool things to see (waterfalls, mill, overlook, etc) and aren't very long, then you just hike them back to the red trails!!

This was a good hike. We did less than half of the red trail in the morning on a weekday and only saw one person. Rocks were a bit slippery from the rain the day before. The overlook was gorgeous and a nice payoff for the hike. We cut back on a trail through the meadow after realizing it was taking too long and saw several deer (one quite close up) and a very large wild turkey. I would definitely do this hike again.

Really nice, well maintained trail close to Lexington. The overlook section of the trail was very busy with hikers, the rest of the loop was fairly quiet. Despite 3 inches of rain the day before there weren't many water covered areas and mud was fairly minimal considering.

Well maintained. Great walk for all seasons-spring feels like a completely different area than when I went in fall. The wildflowers are carpets of beauty.

The Red trail is a very nice afternoon hike. You get great views of the Kentucky river along with plenty of wildflowers, creeks, and the occasional cascade. Great for beginners, kid friendly and scenic.

All 5 miles were amazing.

great trail

Love Ravens Run it is a moderate hard trails flowers are beautiful and I’ve saw deer.

muddy today!

Weather was great. Some parts of trail were almost to muddy to go through. Water in all the streams/creek was running, absolutely beautiful. A lot of people out today.

trail running
10 months ago

Good place close to Lexington. Good technical places, good hill work outs. Can run for hours just take multiple trails, best time is weekday mornings at 9am. Any other time watch for a lot of hikers and walkers.

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