No matter how many times we do this convenient trail, it always delights

Great place for a quick day hike, awesome scenery, and great trails!

20 days ago

We loved the red trail. The waterfall was amazing and the butterflies were basically swarming us at the waterfall. We didn't find the trail to be hard, but can be muddy and slick in areas. We saw a deer and turkey along the trail. Make sure to take the short white trails off the red as they lead to some cool things to see (waterfalls, mill, overlook, etc) and aren't very long, then you just hike them back to the red trails!!

This was a good hike. We did less than half of the red trail in the morning on a weekday and only saw one person. Rocks were a bit slippery from the rain the day before. The overlook was gorgeous and a nice payoff for the hike. We cut back on a trail through the meadow after realizing it was taking too long and saw several deer (one quite close up) and a very large wild turkey. I would definitely do this hike again.

Really nice, well maintained trail close to Lexington. The overlook section of the trail was very busy with hikers, the rest of the loop was fairly quiet. Despite 3 inches of rain the day before there weren't many water covered areas and mud was fairly minimal considering.

Well maintained. Great walk for all seasons-spring feels like a completely different area than when I went in fall. The wildflowers are carpets of beauty.

The Red trail is a very nice afternoon hike. You get great views of the Kentucky river along with plenty of wildflowers, creeks, and the occasional cascade. Great for beginners, kid friendly and scenic.

All 5 miles were amazing.

great trail

Love Ravens Run it is a moderate hard trails flowers are beautiful and I’ve saw deer.

muddy today!

Weather was great. Some parts of trail were almost to muddy to go through. Water in all the streams/creek was running, absolutely beautiful. A lot of people out today.

trail running
6 months ago

Good place close to Lexington. Good technical places, good hill work outs. Can run for hours just take multiple trails, best time is weekday mornings at 9am. Any other time watch for a lot of hikers and walkers.

trail running
6 months ago

Good place close to Lexington. Good technical places, good hill work outs. Can run for hours just take multiple trails, best time is weekday mornings at 9am. Any other time watch for a lot of hikers and walkers.

Not a tough hike but plenty to see

Great trail for a mama packing an 8 month old in a backpack. Nice Nature Center with organized monthly activities for children. Pretty views along each trail. Good day trip in any weather.

Really nice variation of trails and interesting sites/lookouts. No pets allowed unfortunately

Nice descent trek, with a pretty overlook.

Such a great hiking park within Fayette county. So many trails to choose from great for all skill levels and it's so pretty and peaceful. I'm sad it has regular business hours so the trails can get crowded pretty quickly but if you go early it's fine. I've seen a lot of deer on the trail earlier in the morning.

Rocky but fun. Tough for me to get any speed until I get stronger.
definitely need trail shoes.

trail running
9 months ago

The wife was visiting friends in Versailles and I was along for the ride. While in KY I thought I would give this a try.

I ran the "Red" trail, and although they do a good job marking the trails, there are a few places where many trails come together and intent is not clear.

No problem though as my "intent" was to get some trail running in and enjoy the scenery.

I thoroughly enjoyed this run. Especially the scenic overlooks. I did the Red trail clockwise, which I highly suggest doing. There is a very rocky (ankle-twisting) ascent after the overlook. I believe it is better to run that section as an ascent towards the end (when you are running slower) than to run it as a descent when your legs are fresh and you want to go fast.

Regardless, I look forward to opportunities to run this again when in the Lexington area.

10 months ago

We are new to hiking the Lexington area. This was a nice trail but would try other trails in the area before coming back to this one. It was nicely shaded & very well marked. However, in August the views were mostly just lush green forest - the scenic overlook was a brown slow-flowing Kentucky River. We heard a waterfall but couldn't see it. We arrived at 8:30 (park didn't open until 9 am). The only wildlife we saw that late in the morning were birds, a few squirrels, and LOTS of spiders. We were first on the trail, so there were many cobwebs with their creative spiders still working away. Be prepared! The trail was well maintained. It poured rain the night before, and while it was wet & a little muddy, it was not water covered. Overall a nice hike within 30 mins of Lexington. Moderate level of difficulty is on par. Wear hiking shoes with good soles (not sneakers) due to rocks & slick surfaces.

Great trail. Please note trails are only open 8 am until 7:30pm.

10 months ago

I've been to Raven Run many times, but this was the first trip I completed this trail and the White trail. It's a nice hike to be so close to home!

Love this trail for a close to home afternoon outing!

10 months ago

It was a VERY well labeled trail. I don't believe it was 4 miles for the red trail I did with a friend. It was a great day for a walk though. Multiple benches on the trail for those who need a break. Overall it was a great time.

Great family friendly hike!

10 months ago

Plenty of trails to choose from, but it was a little busy for my liking.

Beautiful views!!

It has it all. Great trail running, hiking and bird watching. Terrific staff and volunteers!

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