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13 days ago

This is a fairly easy trail that can be traveled quickly. It is well marked and following the trail is fun and the views are exceptional. It is a dry trail with the only water crossing has a small walking bridge.

Parking was limited, unless you are willing to walk a long distance. I just parked along the road, safely getting my vehicle off the road.

I recommend this trail, and I will hike it again.

13 days ago

Fun and fast trail. The ridge line provides some great views. If you are going to hike this trail I recommend that you include the Rock Hotel Trail to complete an awesome adventure.

I was pleasantly surprised by the challenge of this short trail. From the beginning the climb is steep and the only breaks from the climb is a few switchbacks. The trail is well marked and easy to follow. The views from the overlook makes the effort well worth it. For me the descend down the mountain was more of a challenge because of the constant pressure on my knees.

Loved the challenge and I will hike this again when the forest is green and the sky is bright.

A beautiful trail that is flat throughout making it kid friendly. My favorite part of the trail is the Clear Creek stream that provided wonderful water flowing music. I consider the trail more of a walking trail than hiking but it was a delight after hiking several other trails earlier. If you decide to hike this trail make sure you bring your camera!

21 days ago

Hiked this trail with the Southeastern Kentucky Hikers. It was a beautiful day, 39 degrees, 4 mph wind, and a light snow frosting.

The trail has two trailheads with the counter clockwise loop beginning at the lodge, this is the more difficult climb; the second trail head begins on the road and goes clockwise, the climb is more gradual so not as challenging.

The trail is marked using a yellow blaze, paint marks on some trees. There are several points where the trail has trail connections that you could easily get off track and unto a different trail. I recommend that you stop in the lodge and get a free trail map, review it and then ask any questions before hitting the trails.

The view is beautiful, and the time on the trail will be well spent.

Beautiful trail, well worth the time and effort. I found the trail to be rather easy.

FYI: The trail begins by traveling down hill until you reach Chain Rock, and the it is almost all uphill getting back to the parking lot. There is approximately 100 steps (wood and rock) throughout the trail.

CONS: No public restrooms or water fountains, so come prepared.

1 month ago

Had a blast on this short, family friendly trail on the 1st day of the New Year. We took our three kids (under 12) they didn’t struggle at all. The views are wonderful and the history is interesting. Great for a quick day hike!

Nice scenic hike

Nice trail great view not too strenuous

1 month ago

Nice walk. Not very hard, just some moderate incline. Creek and falls are very pretty.

Gorgeous. Not very difficult. A bit of incline, but not bad if you're in ok shape. The view at the end is amazing. Very wet when it's been raining.

1 month ago

Short and easy. Some incline, but not difficult at all. Very pretty woods with lots of rhododendron.

me my wife and 7 year old hiked this trail, I am a complete beginner and I weigh over 300lbs. going down was no problem at all but coming back up was a complete killer for me, my wife and child struggled a little bit but there are benches every so often so you can rest. looking forward to hitting it again next year after I lose a few more pounds!!!

3 months ago

Nice overlook of the town below. I'd rate this trail as easy, although coming back from the rock is all uphill. Good little burn at the end.

4 months ago

This is a beautiful trail, but it proved pretty strenuous for my wife and me who are just getting into hiking. The "out" is all downhill and the "back" is a climb. Thankfully, there are plenty of strategically placed benches. The chained rock, itself, isn't terribly impressive, but the views of Pineville and the valley are beautiful.

If you drive to the trailhead at the top of the mountain, where this also a lookout, the trail is all downhill from the top, which means you will have to climb out. Whew! The views, though, are worth it just to see a rock with a big chain on it. Do yourself a favor and read up on the local story about Chain Rock. We were a little confused on the trail because there is a rock where they have signs saying “Don’t walk on the chain’l bit there is no chain. That’s not chain rock. Keep going a little further. :)

There are actually 2 trailheads. If you begin at the entrance that has a trail back to the lodge across the road, which means you will take the trail counter clockwise, it is a much easier incline to the top. The entrance just about a half-block up the road takes you clockwise and is steep uphill and challenging. We hiked it at the beginning of the fall and it was like walking through a jungle.

Beautiful views!!! allot of stairs so it's a great cardio with amazing views of Pineville!!

This was a strenuous trail and not well marked. I gave it four starts due to the poor trail marking.

5 months ago

Moderate to hard trail with amazing scenery including rock staircases, mature forest, and a really cool arch that runs along side a small stream. This trail has some pretty steep and long inclines that are slick and should not be used by inexperience hikers.

Great, short hike for testing out my puppy's hiking skills. Beautiful scenery!! Trail was well marked, clean and medium skill level.

Climbing this rock reminded me just how old I’m getting and how heights are starting to be alittle scary lol. All jokes aside this hike was beautiful and the view on top of chained rock was amazing and breathe taking.

Not what I expected

short hike with really nice views overlooking town.

Narrow path, wear appropriate shoes. Total loop is 1 mile. “Falls” are probably more dramatic after a rain.

10 months ago

Easy, brief hike with great views of the town.

Scenic trail with relaxing water sounds along the way up to the falls. I walked the loop clockwise and enjoyed the falls early in the hike. A fair amount of elevation increase going this way.
Definitely one not to miss!

Monday, January 08, 2018

A huge rock with a huge chain on it... pretty neat. Good trail with some awesome scenery at the end.

on Chained Rock Trail

Thursday, December 21, 2017

Great trail especially if you’re just getting into hiking. Lot of stairs to go up and down, so be prepared. Make sure to take plenty of water especially if you hike this trail like I did in the summer. It definitely is a moderate trail as it starts off easy, but when you start heading back, you can sure feel the hilly terrain getting back at you. Offhand, I loved it and will definitely do it again soon.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

The trail is moderately difficult and would be challenging at times for someone that may have difficulty keeping balance. This trail provides great exercise and a pretty view of a waterfall. For anyone wanting the fastest way to the falls I posted a picture of the entrance you should take. Happy Hiking everyone

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