loved it

9 months ago

Trails are not clearly marked but overall some good scenery and the long bridges are pretty neat

I went during probably the ugliest time of the year. Wet and muddy and gloomy. Still had a pretty good time. They allow you to climb the fire tower and they have a four-way intersection bridge along the trails that was pretty neat.

Nice long stroll in the fall around the woods, frisbee golf course and the rest of the facilities at Panther Creek. The Bridge boxes and lookout steel tower are fun.

11 months ago

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Saturday, March 12, 2016

The Trail of Dreams is an amazing afternoon hike, or any time of day! It circles both Panther Creek Park and Panther Creek Park South. The trail consists of paved walkways, dirt trail, and boardwalk-style elevated paths. It makes for a excellent outdoor adventure, especially for children.

Officially it is listed at 3.98 miles, but my GPS indicates it as 3.11 miles. I am trying to upload this data to, but it currently it is not working properly. I will attach it as soon as is possible.

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