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With steep cliffs and wooded coves along the shoreline, this lake provides 1,140 acres of boating, skiing and fishing pleasure. After a day on the lake, relax in the campground, featuring 32 developed sites with restrooms, showers, laundry and sewer hookups. A full-service marina is located near the campground, offering rental houseboats, pontoons and fishing boats.

off road driving
5 days ago

Makes for a great day of riding!

Great paddle through some beautiful country. There are several trees across. But, they were easy to get around.

A really cool and easy trail with lots to see. The trail did abruptly stop at one point and there were a bunch of fallen trees. We walked through some thick brush and found our way around which led us to a field of wildflowers. Totally worth getting off the beaten path.

4 months ago

We took our dogs plenty of room to run tons of open fields and different access points to the lake which is beautiful only thing we didn't like was the amount of mud at the time but it's very private and that made it so nice I wouldn't consider it moderate it was really easy but would love so have seen more access trails to the huge rocks. Overall the parts near the lake are great and if you have dogs it's a must also it seems in the summer time they do horseback riding so very glad we went in the winter so we could let the dogs free. I would do again during the fall in the middle of the week just to let the dogs go wild or if I had a kayak

6 months ago

My favorite place in Johnson Co.

To many trees across the creek, had to get out of canoe to many times because of low water or the trees.

Awesome view!

Amazing view

10 months ago

Been walking this trail for years. It's one of my favorite.

Fish along the Paintsville Dam.

Great trail with beautiful views of the lake. It s a little over grown in places, but hopefully a little heavier traffic with help with that.

8am hike with the wife. Great to get away from everything.

Easy access to lake.

Another hidden swim hole.

11 months ago

Beautiful location for possible resort or campgrounds.

Very nice and hidden jewel in county with beautiful Overlooks.

11 months ago

Very clean and maintained at all times. Very scenic the lake is scenic.

11 months ago

Beautiful location! The beach is a perfect swimming spot for all ages even the little ones. I saw several deer.

Great Secluded Spot For An Out-Country Camping Trip. Fire Pit Area & Fishing/Swimming Area.
My daughter and husband have been wanting to go camping for a while. I think I've found the spot!

Great Spot! Fishing, Swimming & Cliff Jumping!

Prefect Area For Swimming!

Beautiful place where swimming & fishing co-exist. Fishing in the left! Swimming in the right!


11 months ago

Gorgeous surroundings! Great place to swim!

Yes Rose Meek it is at the end of Blanton Branch Road. There are some turns off the road near the end to a cemetery, but if you just stay straight you will drive straight into the parking area.

Andrea - how do you get to the trail head? Is it on Blanton Branch Road?

11 months ago

Wonder trail, plenty of parking, beautiful scenic views of the lake, rock cliffs, water fall and a creek. Easy to navigate. A couple small steep segments, but overall a very easy going trail.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

I walk this trail several times a week. You can basically pick the difficulty level you want. The trail is well maintained and has several routes you can take. Some with hills and some that are mostly flat with very few inclines.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

This is a good clean walking trail, walk it several times a month.

off road driving
1 month ago

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