So much to do and look at. It's only $3 for day use and we spent approximately 6 hours exploring here. Caves, streams, wildlife, rivers, you name it. Will be going back here real soon.

1 month ago

Terribly marked trails. Someone has pulled up the majority of the trail markers. There are no blazes. it had rained most the day before making the trails thick with mud. Never made it to the river. Very disappointing. Could hear the people camping at all times, so no solitude.

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2 months ago

The trails were in really good shape today

on Otter Creek Trail

3 months ago

Beautiful trail! We followed the OCT trail markers, but it seemed longer than 4 miles. We didn't have a tracker on, so could be wrong, but experience tells us it was longer, so be prepared for a long hike! Took us about 4 hours... it was worth it though. Lots of wildlife and views. Also would rate this as hard, not moderate, just because of the hills.

5 months ago

This is a YMCA park. It is closed on Monday and Tuesday. There is also a fee to enter the park. The park was closed the day we wanted to hike. Will rate later.

Wonderful trail though admittedly trail markers can be somewhat hard to spot.

10 months ago

Going tomorrow with high hopes.

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The park is closed Monday and Tuesdays except holidays