nature trips

Pitch-em Tight to Hanson's Point. Little off trail action that can prove difficult for some. Worth it when you make it to the end. No water on the way so bring plenty, especially if you're camping.

a little busy but beautiful

This was my first hike of 2017. Drove down from Columbus, OH to the Red River Gorge. Light rain when I arrived. I'm an avid hiker but took the ski lift to the top to save time. Once off the lift, the natural bridge is directly in front of you and Battleship Rock is on a short (15 min) trail to the left. Go toward natural bridge along the path and cross it. While on the bridge you have a great view of the rock. Once across the bridge, follow the steps down to the right, pass through a narrow gap, and emerge under the arch of the natural bridge. From here you can take an easy path over to the base of Battleship Rock where you'll have to climb steep steps to reach the top and the trail back. Atop the rock you'll have a good view of the Natural Bridge in the distance. Below the arch you also have access to the trail that leads down the mountain. I recommend taking the lift up, walk the short trail to the rock so that you can take in the view of the bridge, double track back to the ski lift, go across the bridge, down underneath, and walk the trail down. this way you buy a one-way (cheaper) ticket, save your energy, and enjoy the hike down...which has very interesting rock formations along the way.

One of my favorites!!

Tons of people on this trail, especially since the trailhead starts on the back end of a campground that is usually busy anyways. So be prepared to see a lot of people, and as an out-and-back trail it's even busier, naturally. There are lots of muddy spots, and if you have younger children then slow the pace down. But you can't beat how beautiful this trail is and the arch at the end is amazing! If you're looking for a quieter trail, head over to the RRG.

I hiked this while 3 months pregnant in a walking cast. Not the best idea I've ever had, but the view was worth it. We had to stop a few times so I could catch my breath because the incline was pretty strenuous.

Me and my Six year old son love this place!

Beautiful every year during spring and autumn. Good family outing.

For our young family, this trail was definitely challenging... but so worth it. Our preschoolers walked the whole way with rest at the top and a few brief stops to check out rocks, trees, flowers etc. We wore our toddler and he found the rhythm to be quite comfy. We made it to the top of the bridge, enjoyed the breezes up there and went through to the sky lift drop off area for the view. We considered going further for the vistas, but decided not to push our luck. We were grateful for the cold water at $2 per bottle at the lift drop off area. We considered riding it down, but couldn't get comfortable with taking 3 small wiggly kids on the open lift. We left very proud of our accomplishment. It was our first family hike. I can't imagine a better one to build our confidence and make us excited to explore more.