off road driving
11 days ago

why is this marked with off road driving?

Beautiful trail! Took our family from age 4 to 60's. Trail is well maintained, well marked & very scenic. We passed other people at times but it was never crowded or tight. There are lots of steps on the Balance Rock side so I suggest using that as the way down instead of up. Wonderful afternoon hike. Will be back.

Great hike! Less cliffs and more forest hiking, but I'd still rate it a 6/10 for difficulty, mainly due to the distance. Some stream crossovers and fairly steep hills to traverse.
Me, my wife, our dog and our three kids (ages 5, 7 & 11) conquered this trail in roughly 6.5 hours. We took plenty of breaks and had lunch near an awesome stream!

17 days ago

awesome would recommend this trail wear your keen s

very cool trail, beautiful scenery and wildlife.

1 month ago

Hiking with lots of friends, various levels of fitness. All had fun and enjoyed the views...everyone should hike this!

2 months ago