nature trips

14 hours ago

1 day ago

Nice moderate trail. The skylift is the best way to get to the top of the natural bridge. I walked and due to the one-lane nature of the climb to the top it was a long wait. Was really busy even on a Thursday. If you don't want to ride the lift, I suggest the OG trail to battleship rock trail, then branch off to the laurel ridge trail(by the devils gulch). Will take you up to the top of the natural bridge without having to pass the one lane stairs.

2 days ago

Unless you like climbing UP stairs (and have young knees) take this route coming down from the natural bridge. Lots of cool rock formations and the balancing rock and the cave are both pretty awesome.

Rode the sky lift up and came down the trail. Steep in some areas but nice scenery!

Nice hike and smooth. Pretty good scenes and my kids enjoyed it. Some of the hills go on for a good bit.

22 days ago