hiked this for the first time today with my daughter. the trail is a little grown over in some places and very open in others. starts out pretty flat for a while then came the long uphill climb. very well marked. we had a great time hiking this trail. very muddy in some spots due to horse traffic. would hike it again.

5 months ago

Horse trails, very muddy, starts flat with some hills... very run down park.

horseback riding
6 months ago

Great trail. Lots of hills. After a rain it would be tough.

7 months ago

I found this trail by accident after a failed attempt to hike Boone Cliffs (Closed). This trail is fun. Lots of elevation changes, trees, and water access. But beware- it can be VERY MUDDY. At least some of the trails are horseback-friendly so be prepared for slippery, muddy parts with the potential to fall on your butt. Neverless, this is one of my favorites.