Nice little park for all ages nestled in downtown Lexington. I will definitely be taking my 2 yr old grandson.

Great little park in city limits with a couple Bur Oaks, birding opportunities and well-maintained trails.


I have been on this trail twice and had two different experiences. The first time was right after a heavy rain, so the spring water wasn't the clear blue color that it was the second time I went. I love how close to the city it is. Learning about the aquifers before hitting the trail makes it a tad more interesting.

Not a hike at all - more like a walking trail. Suitable for family of all ages. I would go back - but not like Natural Bridge by any means - but if your looking for an easy relaxing walk - nice place. Nice nature center there for the kids, and picnic area. If your looking for an all day outing with some challenging hiking - this isn't the place. If your looking for a relaxing walk in nature close to town and not have to travel far - this maybe the place.

nice little trail in metropolitan Lexington. sinkholes are unique