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Mammoth Cave National Park is a U.S. National Park in central Kentucky, encompassing portions of Mammoth Cave, the longest cave system known in the world. The park was established as a national park on July 1, 1941. It became a World Heritage Site on October 27, 1981, and an international Biosphere Reserve on September 26, 1990. The park's 52,835 acres (21,382 ha) are located primarily in Edmonson County, Kentucky, with small areas extending eastward into Hart County and Barren County. It is centered around the Green River, with a tributary, the Nolin River, feeding into the Green just inside the park. With a confirmed 365 miles of passageways it is by far the world's longest known cave system, being well over twice as long as the second longest cave system, which is South Dakota's Jewel Cave with 145 miles of passageways. Cave animals include five bat species, the Kentucky cave shrimp, cave fish, and cave salamanders. Above ground there are rivers, hiking trails, sinkholes, and springs.

2 days ago

We started at Lincoln Trailhead and went south along Collie Ridge, kept going south along Mill Branch, then took north trail Raymer Hollow. Moderately to Very rough in most spots after the first 2 miles starting at Lincoln Trailhead. We camped at the Raymer Hollow site before a 3.5 mile trek back to Lincoln Trailhead the next morning. Got absolutely swarmed by what looked like giant hornets after dark. They seemed very attracted to the light. 14.5 miles total.

Great trail. Would love to hike again after a rain when the water level is up. Saw dry areas where water might flow down the mountain after a good rain! Loved the River Styx cave opening.

Grand Ave Cave Tour. (4 miles long, 4 hours). This tour will soon be closed as NPS will upgrade underground trail.

33 weeks pregnant, very moderate, very possible. 3.5 mi in 2 hours. very worth it end of August.

19 days ago

One of my favorite trails in the world. I’ve done this many times since childhood, so nostalgia is playing a part in my review. Easy out and back with great scenery of the wooded area. The gigantic white oak tree at the camp site is hundreds of years old, and I love visiting when I can. Be sure to reserve the campsite early, as this can be a heavily sought after campground.

Well maintained, fun ride!

27 days ago

This was one of my favorite hikes to date!! So much beauty to see and find!! There are some trails that’s venture off the main trail (this is where all the best sights can be found) and my hike was roughly about 2.5 miles according to my Fitbit. I hiked this with my 3 year old daughter and she loved it. You won’t be disappointed!

1 month ago

First, this particular trail is completely handicap accessible. It’s a short trail and it’s completely covered so wheelchairs are fully accessible. Second, the history here is tragic yet fascinating. Early explorer Floyd Collins died after being trapped in the opening at the end of the Trail. All along the trail are markers that tell the history of Floyd’s exploration and tragic fate.

I’ve grown up near Mammoth Cave & this Trail is a favorite. There are easy sections. The closer you get to the River Styx (because at One point you see where it to send into the cave system) its a little more hilly. But it’s gorgeous so it’s definitely worth it.

1 month ago

Trail shared with horses easy trail had one spot where one of my socks got covered with turkey mites or small ticks

Actually did 4.98 miles, dry, hot, shared with horses. Several interlocking trails.

1 month ago

Trail well worth the short hike. Shady. the loop trail is only .5 miles.

The trail was really well maintained and well marked. The springs were pretty and bluffs were cool. If you’re staying at the campground, White Cave Trail connects the campground to the southern part of the loop to avoid walking to the Visitors Center to start the hike.

1 month ago

Boardwalk trail with a stop at the old guides cemetery. easy walk no hills.

Great for the kids! They loved checking out the wild life at the pond. Especially the turtles

Great for kids! Saw some huge alligator snapping turtles along the way

Great trail! A lot of variety here from smooth dirt to rocky, rooty trails. Mid summer so not a whole lot of great views of the Green River, although there are 2 or 3. Several hils to climb with medium grades, all different from easy, straight up but relentless to high grade with multiple switchbacks. I would rate the whole loop as easy to low moderate. Low moderate only because of the inclines that can be a bit technical. The trail changes from dirt, to rocky, gravel to paved paths several times. Lots of bridges and scenic overlooks and places to sit down. Although it's July, it wasn't hot with the tree cover. It was maybe 83F and I started at 930am. The "loop" actually includes several trails that connect, you hop on one after the other. If you are using this app you will be fine to find your way around the loop. The trail signs are there but can be confusing. The paper map is handy but not real helpful. Not like this app, which I pulled out often to see where I was and then at trail crossings to see which way to go. Take the little out and back scenic legs when you have them. Saw 20 or so people, most I saw over and over again. I had no problems with anyone or had any issues with the trail itself. Saw 2 turkeys a mile in from the"Bluffs" trailhead and later a flatback millipede but not much else. There are several streams and creeks to refill your water filter if you carry one. I carried two 500ml smart water bottles and my Sawyer mini. I only drank 1 bottle. Next time I plan to take one 500 ml smart water and my Sawyer water bottle. I will do the entire loop again and again. Especially in the fall and winter! Make sure to stretch those hamstrings before you push up those hills! Took a week for my right hamstring to recover

1 month ago

Trail was clear, lots of bridges and walkways, stairs is several places. Enjoyable morning hiking!

tore up by horses

1 month ago

Not a very strenuous hike but very pretty. We saw a lot of deer that were not afraid of us at all. Would gladly do this hike again bring the whole family with you.

Very beautiful out here, you get a few really nice views of Green River with some nice altitude changes. It’s mostly in the woods, so that was a real blessing on this hot July afternoon. Speaking of heat, definitely don’t wear jeans like my hiking buddy did- you want to be able to move. Good shoes are a must, otherwise you’ll probably twist a few ankles and have a few stumbles. I’m really looking forward to coming back out here in the fall so I can see the leaves!

1 month ago

Great hiking trail, but horribly marked. This map is the only way me and my friend figure out where we were going.

1 month ago

Make it a trip and connect it with Wet Prong.

Really lush forest with some beautiful rocks and springs. It's a very easy, accessible hike (a little too easy for my tastes

We did this trail on a HOT July day. It was shaded for much of the hike. For the most part very wide maintained trails. Lots of history along the way. Overall a very entertaining hike.

Wonderful trail to do with kids!

great bike trail

This was a great way to do most of the trails near the visitor center. There was a ton of variety in features and it supplemented a trip into the caves perfectly. It’s mostly shaded so even on a 90 degree day, I wasn’t too uncomfortable.

2 months ago

Decent hike. Shaded pretty much all the way.We made it part of a loop, past the historic entrance to Mammoth Cave, down to the Styx River Spring then back up and across the ridge ending up back at the Visitor Center. We watched a doe for while who really wasn’t concerned with us.

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