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12 days ago

Trail was in good condition. Several benches along the way if you need to rest, as well as overlooks with nicely constructed decks and walkways.

Trail in very good condition, trees provide ample shad and some nice views of the green river. Elevation changes pretty easy to manage.

The overlook at the river is beautiful, The rest of the trail is dull and you never get out of earshot of the road noise. It says this is a good spot to see eagles, no luck for us today though.

very pretty trail

6 months ago

Not as scenic at the beginning as it is at the end.

6 months ago

Very pretty hike. There are other trails at end of this one if you wish to continue on. I recommend you do!

My husband and I took our pit bull and Bassett with us on this trip. It was a good hike, especially for dogs!

Very grown up in the summer

7 months ago

Wasn't too difficult and had a beautiful overlook on the trail.

8 months ago

Nice trail partially paved then rock. Got to see the old entrance to the cave, takes you right along the river for some nice views of it as well.

8 months ago

Hiked this trail late May and it was absolutely beautiful! It was very well kept and was marked well. The loop has many places where you can cut the hike short and head to the visitor center. We did a 4.25 mile hike in the morning and caught a cave tour in the afternoon.

portion of it is closed to make handicap accessible

I started at the trailhead near the picnic area and looped into the River Styx Trail. I was planning on looping into the Dixon Trail and back again for one big loop but my dog was getting tired! The trail itself is really nice and easily manageable, lots of pretty scenery, and not too strenuous. I went later in the afternoon and it wasn't highly trafficked which I prefer. My dog thought it was awesome! Hope to complete the full loop between the three trails next time!

We went at 6:30, and didn't see another person until we we're within view of the visitor center. It was the first "real" trail for our kids (ages 8 and 5), and they loved it! Their favorite part was seeing the wildlife. We counted 16 deer, 3 turkeys, 1 turtle, and numerous creepy-crawlies including snakes (only 2), spiders, and caterpillars. There were plenty of gorgeous spots to take breaks, and the challenging portions were just long enough to build their endurance but short enough to keep their interest (and the whining that accompanies being 5) at bay. It was an easy family hike, and we can't wait to return.

Great hike for a day when the humidity kept us from doing a more strenuous hike. It's just "wild" enough that my 7yo hiking buddy felt that he was lost in the woods.

Next time I hike here, I'm going to bring a bag to pick up garbage. There wasn't a lot, but any is more than I'm used to seeing on Mammoth Cave trails.

Nice almost 5 mile loop plenty to look at areas of interest to deviate off the path.

Short loop trail that seemed longer than .5 miles. Interesting rock formations.

Interesting trail that you can customize with other trails to make a loop. A cave and overlooks highlight this trail.

Nice hike through the woods. Trails marked well. River views . Saw a dear.

Short hike with a beautiful view of the Green River.

11 months ago

This loop consists of numerous trails, and it offers a nice tour of Mammoth Cave's surface features, which include Mammoth Dome sink, two large springs (outflows for cave water), and Green River views. Starts at the Visitor Center, so nice hike to take while you are waiting for a cave tour.

Not great, a lot of climbing for no views of the river. Eco springs trail was more enjoyable.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

I hiked this trail 4/22/17 on my way back to IN. Well marked, nice inclines. The view from the scenic outlook was amazing. It was raining when I was there so everything was a vibrant green. Definitely worth the detour off of 65N.

trail running
Tuesday, March 14, 2017

This trail is pretty nice- I showed up around 9 am to try and beat the trail traffic and was mostly successful. Beautiful trail for a jog but you'll be tempted to stop to take it in quite often.

scenic driving
Friday, March 03, 2017

Beautiful country, well maintained, lots of trails both hiking and biking.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Very accessible trail, felt like a light to moderate difficulty. Gravel all through and boardwalks over any difficult terrain, which it seems is to be expected on heavily trafficked national park trails. This time of year the woods are filled with beautiful yellow daffodils. What I liked most about this trail was knowing I was hiking right above a huge cave. There were several entrance points and a sink hole that were very interesting! Also, Sunset Point is just a short aside from the main trail and is a beautiful overlook of the park.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Big Hollow Trail. This trail is 11.7 miles but I did the bottom loop twice and came out at 12.7 miles. There are opportunities on the trail to shortcut it back. The trail is generally flat with few variations in steepness. Great trail for mountain biking or just someone who wants an easy hike in the woods. Not too much for scenery as I said the trail is flat.

Monday, February 13, 2017

Short and easy loop that passes the original Mammoth Cave entrance, another cave, and the river. Saw some deer along the way!

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Great trail with nice views of the green river. Great for elevation gains.

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