I didn’t want to give it a bad review but I never went because it’s no dogs.

Novice hiker here
Very nice trail with a few different routes. Pretty narrow but not a ton of change in elevation. Definitely would recommend it to others. Also probably a good trail for a date.

Want a short day? This is a good park for that with running and walking.

Good for a short walk or run.

No dogs allowed. It's a nature preserve and I was told not to bring my leashed dog back

For a beginner, this trail was a lot of fun. There is one spot where the path is not marked very clear, but easy to get back on track. City noise, but remember you're in a city. Tons of birds! Nice and easy, tress free. I'm hiking this trail to build endurance and practice for bigger trails!

Wasn't very impressed with the trail. The road was a little too visible, too often for my taste. There was a lot of garbage as well. Not really much of an escape from the city.

Trail is fairly easy and isn't always well kept. I hike there a lot, and in the summer it gets very overgrown, but it's nice in the winter. Good trail for kids or anyone looking for a more leisurely stroll since the tail is very short with only a slight incline. However, there is a nice walking path with a pretty good incline if your still looking for more exercise after your hike.

Nice trail in the middle of the city. If you didn't get enough walking in the park the Louisville Zoo in across the street

trail running
Sunday, October 15, 2017

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