I hiked here in October and It was a really good hike but can be challenging down the creek

My wife and I hiked this trail once before, but did not go to the falls. This time we just decided to hike to the falls and it was much more beautiful. To get to the big falls, hike through the trail entrance from the parking lot, go through the “field” area and come to a wooden bridge. Just before the wooden bridge you will see a small unmarked trail on the right that goes down to the creek. You can either follow the little trails off to the side of the creek, or walk right down the creek. Wear shoes that have good grip and preferably waterproof since you’re hiking down the creek. Eventually you will come to the big falls. Stay to the right side of the creek and you will find a little rock scramble to shimmy your way down to the bottom. This part is not for the faint of heart, and you are climbing down narrow trails on the edge of a large steep slope. Enjoy the falls and get some pictures. You can go into the falls if it’s warm. When you are finished go back up the same way you came down, and hike the creek back to the bridge, take a left and hike back to the parking lot. I would definitely recommend, but keep in mind it can get very slippery and steep. Be careful!

Fairly well-marked trail (red blaze) with good parking. It was muddy at times but all of the recent rain meant the falls were running nicely. In order to find the falls in the pictures you can either turn right and leave the main trail at the wooden bridge or you can follow the main trail up the hill after the bridge and scuttle down it when it opens up shortly after. There are also a nice meadow and a quiet wooded area with picnic tables.

best kept secret in the bluegrass

2 months ago

Nice place to hike with a decent amount of parking. The bridge over the creek could use some maintenance because one hand rail was broke and the bridge itself was not level. The trail could use some better signage too and I was unable to locate a waterfall on the main trail. I’m guessing you have to follow the creek down stream to find it

Awesome trail. The falls were beautiful. I met some very nice people.

This was our first visit. We didn't locate the falls found in the photos; however, we did see a rapidly flowing creek and beautiful forest. Our 7 year old did just fine on the trail. It was pretty muddy and there was a few areas where we had to use caution; but, it was a very nice hike. Lots of butterflies. We will go back.

Absolutely beautiful!!! Went w my grown kids and we all loved it

4 months ago

I can't believe this is here and I've never heard of it. Amazing trail.

I’ve been to this trail twice this summer and will be heading back in the fall. It’s a quick hitting trail if you’re in a crunch for time, but is also a place you could spend hours enjoying the views and water. We usually get in the creek at the wooden bridge and follow it all the way until the end to start our descent (you’ll know when you’ve hit the end, trust me). You’re gonna need some shoes with grips for this trail because of the wet and at times challenging terrain. This trail is not for the faint of heart, but is definitely achievable. 5/5 recommend.

5 months ago

5 months ago

Me and my husband went there yesterday it was so pretty loved the hike but we never did find the waterfall does anyone actually know where the water fall is we walked all the way to the loop and still couldn’t find it.

this place is beautiful. Plenty to see and a little challenging in spots.

Great trail easy to get to. Not so easy to find the way down to bottom of falls. If you are looking off the falls go to the right to find your way down.

I didn't like this place, it seems more like a teen hang out than a nature preserve. Went hiking and saw teens swimming and smoking pot. They were throwing trash everywhere. I will not be going back. No dogs allowed but there was dog poop everywhere. They need to monitor this place. It would be a great place if not for all the pot smoking teens. Will not be back.

The trail was mainly dry; however, the, often steep and sometimes slippery trail is offset by fantastic creekbed falls/scenery. I definitely would not recommend, when wet.

on Overstreet Falls

7 months ago

It is a simple hike if you find yourself to be a physically active person. You just need to keep kids close when walking down the steep area. I probably would exercise caution if conditions were icy &/or muddy.

It is a great view of the fall though. It is so close to Lexington too. It is great. I am coming back for sure.

Great views. A few tough spots. I would rate this moderate to hard in certain areas depending on how you go down. Recommend as superior on cool hikes. Love it.

The main trail is very easy and suitable for all ages.

The hike along the creek is awesome, but it is a little tricky in places. Great views of smaller, cascading falls leading to the main waterfall and views of the gorge. I didn't take the trail down the side of the cliff to the bottom of the falls, because I didn't quite feel prepared, but I will go back next time better equipped.

I would definitely consider this a hidden gem for the area. If you enjoy the sights and sounds of a beautiful stream, cool rock formations and the feeling of being lost in nature, but yet being only minutes from civilization, this is the place to go!

Beautiful walk with a blooming green spring and gushing waters thru the creek beds - April 2018

8 months ago

After my first trip here I was disappointed because it had rained a lot recently so it was very wet and I was hesitant to venture down to the creek and see the waterfalls. but after today I loved this place. Hiked along the creek starting right at the bridge and made it to the main waterfall which was unbelievable. The decline to the bottom was definitely dangerous and very steep. my dog made the trek with me and required to be picked up and helped out a few times. But the view and spectacle of the giant waterfall and hiking up to the cave was definitely worth it all.

8 months ago

Beautiful, but keep kids away from top of the falls. Best views in Winter

8 months ago

Absolutely beautiful! Once you get to the bridge, you can go up for a easier field hike, or go down and hike the creek bottom. The perfect go-to for a couple hours of peace.

The water levels were higher than normal, so the falls were amazing, especially making the scramble to the bottom of the falls for the best view. Was definitely slick and a technical ascent/descent.


9 months ago

Close enough to Lexington to get hiking in, see waterfalls and explore. The trail to lower waterfalls near river could be marked better.

very nice trail. I went 2/26/18 after a few weeks of heavy rains. I wasn't able to make it down to the big falls because of the volume of water flowing down the creek. it was much more of a rushing river than a dry creek bed today, but it made for great pictures and scenery. I would rate the majority of the trail easy, but the part that followed the stream was more difficult, especially with the high water levels today.

Monday, December 11, 2017

main path is very simple and easy. hiking down the creek bed was a little challenging we went after a snow so there was some ice. made it to the mouth of the waterfall but haven't hiked all the way down to the bottom yet! gorgeous views

Monday, November 20, 2017

The normal trail, with a loop at the end, is very easy, mild down hill to the bridge. Decent views but not amazing. Short and simple. The hike to the actual waterfalls is totally unmarked. You can slide down the bank from the trail or near the bridge there’s a spot to get down to the creek bed. You then just hike a couple miles down. There’s several small water calls along the way. Deep holes to swim. I went after a rain, the creek bank was a mess, nothing but mud. I couldn’t get any traction. Very difficult in a lot of spots. Luckily I had my water proof rain pants in my bag, so I put those on when I started sliding around and it was easier to just sit down and slide on my rear in a lot of places. Top of the falls are very pretty. Going town the side was very very hard. Again. I pretty much slide down 50 feet on my rear but worth it to see the falls from The bottom. Going back up was horrible. Took me a little while because of the mud. No traction. Not a lot of places to hold on. Crawling on my hands and knees. Walking back up the creek was the same. Flat spots were fine. When the water got to deep in others I had to go back up omg he bank and it’s hard to start on with the mud. My arms are super sore today, Monday, due to a lot of climbing and pulling myself around. But the hike was great. Don’t take kids down to the falls. Experienced hikers and sure footed people only. I took my dog who I would consider an experienced hiker herself and she did fine. Don’t take small dogs, or dogs that can get around or through water. There’s hardly a trail to stay on.

Saturday, November 04, 2017

Nice afternoon hike coming from Lexington. Pack a lunch and stop in at some picnic tables about an hour in the hike. After a rain the stream is beautiful!

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