The main trail is very easy and suitable for all ages.

The hike along the creek is awesome, but it is a little tricky in places. Great views of smaller, cascading falls leading to the main waterfall and views of the gorge. I didn't take the trail down the side of the cliff to the bottom of the falls, because I didn't quite feel prepared, but I will go back next time better equipped.

I would definitely consider this a hidden gem for the area. If you enjoy the sights and sounds of a beautiful stream, cool rock formations and the feeling of being lost in nature, but yet being only minutes from civilization, this is the place to go!

Beautiful walk with a blooming green spring and gushing waters thru the creek beds - April 2018

12 days ago

After my first trip here I was disappointed because it had rained a lot recently so it was very wet and I was hesitant to venture down to the creek and see the waterfalls. but after today I loved this place. Hiked along the creek starting right at the bridge and made it to the main waterfall which was unbelievable. The decline to the bottom was definitely dangerous and very steep. my dog made the trek with me and required to be picked up and helped out a few times. But the view and spectacle of the giant waterfall and hiking up to the cave was definitely worth it all.

19 days ago

Beautiful, but keep kids away from top of the falls. Best views in Winter

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful! Once you get to the bridge, you can go up for a easier field hike, or go down and hike the creek bottom. The perfect go-to for a couple hours of peace.

The water levels were higher than normal, so the falls were amazing, especially making the scramble to the bottom of the falls for the best view. Was definitely slick and a technical ascent/descent.


Close enough to Lexington to get hiking in, see waterfalls and explore. The trail to lower waterfalls near river could be marked better.

very nice trail. I went 2/26/18 after a few weeks of heavy rains. I wasn't able to make it down to the big falls because of the volume of water flowing down the creek. it was much more of a rushing river than a dry creek bed today, but it made for great pictures and scenery. I would rate the majority of the trail easy, but the part that followed the stream was more difficult, especially with the high water levels today.

4 months ago

main path is very simple and easy. hiking down the creek bed was a little challenging we went after a snow so there was some ice. made it to the mouth of the waterfall but haven't hiked all the way down to the bottom yet! gorgeous views

5 months ago

The normal trail, with a loop at the end, is very easy, mild down hill to the bridge. Decent views but not amazing. Short and simple. The hike to the actual waterfalls is totally unmarked. You can slide down the bank from the trail or near the bridge there’s a spot to get down to the creek bed. You then just hike a couple miles down. There’s several small water calls along the way. Deep holes to swim. I went after a rain, the creek bank was a mess, nothing but mud. I couldn’t get any traction. Very difficult in a lot of spots. Luckily I had my water proof rain pants in my bag, so I put those on when I started sliding around and it was easier to just sit down and slide on my rear in a lot of places. Top of the falls are very pretty. Going town the side was very very hard. Again. I pretty much slide down 50 feet on my rear but worth it to see the falls from The bottom. Going back up was horrible. Took me a little while because of the mud. No traction. Not a lot of places to hold on. Crawling on my hands and knees. Walking back up the creek was the same. Flat spots were fine. When the water got to deep in others I had to go back up omg he bank and it’s hard to start on with the mud. My arms are super sore today, Monday, due to a lot of climbing and pulling myself around. But the hike was great. Don’t take kids down to the falls. Experienced hikers and sure footed people only. I took my dog who I would consider an experienced hiker herself and she did fine. Don’t take small dogs, or dogs that can get around or through water. There’s hardly a trail to stay on.

Nice afternoon hike coming from Lexington. Pack a lunch and stop in at some picnic tables about an hour in the hike. After a rain the stream is beautiful!


7 months ago

A bit difficult to find(made a couple wrong turns). Parking is VERY limited and road almost too narrow. Trail is fairly well marked and not difficult. Falls are hard to view without "sliding" down steep bank. A few late summer wildflowers to see. VERY crowded as it was Labor day. Plan on returning on a week day when should be less congested and more quiet. Some folks had very young children/babies. I would not attempt with very little ones.

Its a careful balance to find a day with recent-ish rain so the falls will be flowing, but not so soon/heavy that the creek bed you have yo rock hope through is too high, or the super steep (straight down) portion from the creek bed down to the falls isnt complete slosh and mud. calling this trail a loop is a bit mislead, as you still back track for most of the trail on the return. Still, the falls are beautiful if you can get to them! Would NOT bring a dog or small children. Suggest wearing chaco or waterproof boots.

Pretty steep hike down to the falls off the cliff side. Little too much for me. Especially when the waterfall was completely dried up. That trail down the cliff side is no joke.

8 months ago

Unfortunately I didn't get to see everything great that was in the photos posted. All is dried up due to no rain. I may go back after a considerable amount of rain.

This trail is absolutely beautiful. It's a little bit of a drive down a very narrow path, but totally with it.

Loved this trail. I went when it was 95° with a heat index of 105° which wasn't the best idea because the climb back up from the bottom of the falls will make you run thru some H2O. I suggest plenty of water on warm days and good hiking shoes when going to the falls. Will definitely be going back soon!

this is by far my most favorite place to hike...through the creek. the regular trail is not hard. however I have not been brave enough to shimmy down the Cliffside to see the big falls!

A nice short trail which is a nice summer trail for tree lovers but for viewing the Gorge and river valley, late fall, winter, or early spring is best when the leaves are down.
The unofficial trail down through the Gorge itself is somewhat dangerous but awesome! Not for everyone; no elderly, children, or faint of heart, but worth it to the able bodied to hike.

9 months ago

We really enjoyed this hike. After walking the loop trail we walked down the creek to the top of the falls. Then up a path to the left of the falls if looking off. The path was a little treacherous because it had rained several days before and was slick. I'm not sure where the "1970's" trail is located but didn't see any signs. There was a trail across the top of falls on the right side so not sure if this is the one that leads the below the falls. I would appreciate any help on where the location of the trail to below the falls is located.

good walk in the woods. I couldn't tell from previous posts if I could see the falls without going down the fairly steep path. Have to go down the bank to get to the falls. it was easy today but would be slippery after a rain.

an 80 ft water fall was amazing!!

Absolutely beautiful! Walking thru the creek was fun!

9 months ago

the actual listed trail in and out with partial loop is very easy, the cliff hanger to make it down the falls is another story, very dangerous descent to the bottom not for beginners at all but its not actually part of the trail either.

This was a very fun hike. We walked the creek and saw many mini waterfalls that all led to the large waterfall. It was beautiful and well worth checking out. This is listed as a hard trail but I'm not sure why. One of the easiest hikes I've had in awhile. Maybe because if you want to see the bottom of the falls you have to scale down which is dangerous and could be the reason for being listed as hard. Other than that it is not difficult for an avid hiker.

An amazing hidden jewel in Jessamine County. Be ready for some challenging trail angles to reach the main waterfall, but the views are worth it. Make sure it has rained within a day or two or the waterfall will have no flow at all.

10 months ago

Beautiful creek and falls but somewhat treacherous to get to.

Gorgeous place... by far the best trail in jessamine county

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