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7 days ago

Must cross stream a few times. Very fun and not easy.

washed out
23 days ago

After the observation deck at the 2.6 mile mark the bank has fell off the path to walk was only about as wide as one shoe

we started at high knob tower at about 8:30 on Saturday morning. Carrying a backpack, we hiked to Bart Camp Lake and camped for the night. Sundays hike was real easy. I woyld definately do it again

Awesome trail! Challenging but not super difficult.
Be careful... the trail is washed out in a few spots creating some hazardous stretches.
One of the best creeks I have ever seen. The bridges were a pleasant surprise.

Hiked this in December, took the counterclockwise route as suggested. There were 10-12 stream crossings that were very challenging. A few of them can be navigated just staying on dry portions of rock, but most had rocks that were just too far apart to take a step. Solutions include bushwacking off the trail to find a better spot to cross, shimmying across fallen logs, or just take off your shoes and trudging through the ice cold water.

Aside from the initial stream crossings, the hike is not very challenging beyond Devil's Bathtub. There is a sign saying something like "Warning: next 5 miles very strenuous and rugged", but it was a relatively easy walk through the woods compared to the first part of the trail. First 2-3 miles took 3 hours, remaining 5 miles took 2.5 hours.

Overall it was a lot of fun; navigating the stream crossings added an element of challenge and decision-making.


1 month ago

This is one of my favorite hikes. Nice waterfall but the best part is continuing up to High Rock. Up there, you have a 360 view of the valley below. Breathtaking.

1 month ago

About an hour drive from home. It was a very pretty walk, nice and peaceful. Light traffic for a Sunday. It’s perfect for a last minute walk or fun to see something new! Can’t wait for spring!

2 months ago

Great hike! As stated in others reviews, a portion of the trail leaves a bit to be desired as far as markings go, but it was traveled enough to find our way (orange markings are present about every 50 yards on the trees lining the route). The trail had been cleared of most major obstacles, and was definitely worth what maneuvering one must do to get along. Great views, especially for the first mile beside the stream & waterfalls then again at the peak. Several red tail hawks and pileated woodpeckers on the way. I would say this trek is on the difficult side of the ‘moderate’ rating given by the app. The stream crossings (5 each direction for us today) require high ankle boots that are waterproof or you’ll spend your morning like me with soaked socks! There is room for 2 small cars to park at the trail head. We did not come across any bear, but the area is highly populated so one should be aware and pack accordingly. You’ll feel the essence of Virginia on this trek.

Fairly easy loop with a interesting cave you can go into. If you're in the area it might be worth the hike.

3 months ago

nice trail for most of the way, it gets a little hairy when you pass the tucker gap sign and the trail is redirected to aboid private property. I'd suggest not going when leaves are on the trees so you can see all the markers more easily. i got pretty lost in the summer for about an hour before finding the trail again.

awesome hiked it 11/11/18 little rough in places but was a great day

Great experience. Crossing the creek multiple times can be challenging due to slick rocks.

What a nice trail. Nice water hole to cool off at the base of the falls. So I went back this weekend and hiked up to High Rock. This is no joke..

The entire 7.5 mile loop that includes the Devils Bathtub was fairly strenuous. I hiked the back 5 miles first and then descended the mountain and made it to the bathtub. The first 2-3 miles were fairly difficult and elevated but once on top of the mountain fairly easy going. Trails are rustic and at some points wild. Keep eyes on the trees. The park has marked the trail with yellow markers following the path on the trees. I got turned around several times and had to back track to make sure I was going in the right direction. The bathtub was very interesting and would probably have been better if I didn’t make it there right around dark. I recommend you doing the hike earlier. On the way back from the tub (2 miles to the parking lot from this spot) you will have to cross about 10 different places on the main stream. Prepare to get wet! Overall, the trail was the type of hiking I enjoy. More of a back country feel. Feel free to bring dogs (it is pet friendly) but I recommend bringing animals that have experience going up and down steep hills with rocks and streams.


nature trips
5 months ago

Great out and back. Amazing gorge with cool rock formations. Most people only hike the lower and upper ends, so otherwise we had the trail to ourselves. (Reminded me of Linville Gorge, NC)

The trail needs some work put into it. A few parts need guardrails and steps. The falls are pretty though.

Great hike. Most of the trail is near the river. It has some beautiful views.

didnt think it was that difficult to hike to the bathtub , some slippery rock and mud, but that is to be expected hiking along a creek , the water was a bit chilly but crystal clear definitely will do again

Amazing wildlife! We saw 3 small wolves scampering around, deer, and accidentally walked a few feet from a rattlesnake! We went counterclockwise around the loop, reaching the bathtub at mile 5. The first 1.5 miles were super steep, but all pretty easy after that. The bathtub was gorgeous. We went on a weekday and saw no one on the trail until we got past the bathtub and saw people doing the 4 mile out and back hike. You have to hop over rocks but it had been dry for a week or so and I didn't feel like I ever had to put on the water shoes I brought. definitely go on a weekday- I can see it being kinda cramped and miserable with a whole bunch of people.

6 months ago

This is a beautiful and easy quick 12 miles! It’s mostly shaded and follows the river the entire length. This was our second trip and it was totally worth it again.

6 months ago

I loved this hike, but as a beginning hiker, it was very strenuous for me. My more in shape friends were good to go on this trail, though. It is a straight uphill hike. You do have so flat sections, but not much. The waterfall at the beginning is beautiful. Wasn’t much water coming down as hoped but still a sight to see. It is super tall. If you do this trail, definitely go all the way to High Rock. The view from there is breathtaking. There is a lot of climbing up nothing but rock, though, once you get closer to High Rock. I would definitely go again in the fall to see the autumn foliage. Also had very convenient parking and the trail was well marked and kept.

6 months ago

Gorgeous scenery, well maintained trail, steps have been built near the falls for easy access, some climbing is required the closer you get to the falls, but overall a fairly easy hike.

7 months ago

It’s a bit technical, but it’s not a hard trail. I think that it’s an excellent afternoon jaunt in the Spring or Summer.

Breath taking beauty! Take your time to enjoy with safety first!! Take your litter back with you!! Moderate to some extreme levels of hiking. Prepair to get wet at the most knee high. As you will have to cross about 6 streams. Hiking stick is a great plus for stability when unknown unstable rocks and boulders as crossing small streams can turn into injuries. We saw three bathtubs leading up to the small narrow 17ft deep oval shape bathtub.

a very fun hike 7 Miler took the right down and around to the devil's bathtub and was ready for a dip great experience....

cool hike waterfalls bridge crossings awesome hike

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