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Worth the trip. The water is ice cold. The trail markings are piss poor in several spots. I learned really quick it's better to just cross the stream and not try a way around it.

Kinda hard to get to, especially if you are not an avid hiker. But oh so worth it when you see it.

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7 days ago

Beautiful scenery on this trail!

Beautiful & always worth the trip! I lve the cold water after working up a sweat getting there!

Decent little trail with a lot of scenery, with a cave along the way. I wouldn't go hours out of my way for to do this trail. But maybe if in area swing by & check it out.

The difficulty is well worth it and with the loop you can get all you want out of a good day hike. Swimming holes are pristine. Only complaint is that weekends are wayyyy too crowded.

A lot of up hill but it’s a nice hike! The look out at Flag Rock has a great view of the city of Norton and the surrounding mountains, you can even see a couple other states if you know where to look.

One of my favorite hikes! So beautiful!! There are some parts that are harder then others. Make sure you wear the correct shoes bc your feet will likely get wet.

We had the parking lot and trail all to ourselves! The water levels were pretty high but everything was beautiful! We hiked the entire loop. The first 3 miles are definitely the most scenic.

Have walked this trail numerous times since I was a teenager. Very easy & is graveled the entire way. This is actually an old railway that was converted into a trail. Has an old railroad tunnel & trussell that is now a foot bridge. Probably the widest trail I have ever been on. It is great for hiking, biking, & walking the dog. Also has several popular swimming holes along the way. Overall a very nice trail.

Very scenic trail with at least a dozen stream crossings. So do not recommend after a heavy rain, the high water makes navigating across some spots a little difficult. But on normal does u can step stones across most places. The trail it's self isn't to hard my 8 year old daughter made the hike. When you reach the Devil's bathtub it is beautiful and offers a good size water hole below it, which is good for cooling off on a hot day. So pack a swim suit.

Great hike , not too strenuous and beautiful scenery once you reach the end

Fun trail! Need decent hiking/water shoes! Do not go when it has rained heavily...when we got there it was the devil's hot tub and you could barely see it :( Opportunities to swim and lots of cool rocks to stop and picnic lunch on :)

This is not an easy hike. The creek crossing can be quite sketchy for those with bad balance or not athletic. But that said I took a group of 10 or so people with 3 or 4 children around 8 years old and everyone loved the hike. When we went the water levels were so high that there was not a bathtub. But the scenery was amazing and its a different type of hike because of all the creek crossings. Its challenging and fun all at the same time. Be prepared for numb cold feet.

Pretty easy if you just do an in and out instead of the loop. Tons of river crossings so be prepared to get wet! There is a small sign pointing to the parking area. I’d would suggest parking at the bottom (before the skull and crossbones sign). Just hike up the path instead of driving. Not worth getting stuck.

Was able to get out and go day hiking on our last day of vacation. Was definitely well worth it! Hiked the trail and got to Devils Bathtub, then decided to continue on to mile marker 3 (about to the Three Forks Waterfalls or something along those lines). Was absolutely beautiful with lots of river crossings and beautiful sites along the way.

Pretty challenging. Some areas the trail is poorly marked. We hiked the trail clockwise, it looked like it would be very much harder doing the trail counter-clockwise. There is a second waterfall after passing Devil's bathtub that's well worth continuing on. We got there early and by the time we left, there were cars lining the road for about 2 miles. However, it was summer and a lot of people use the bathtub for swimming.

Buddies and I came for a bachelor party and stayed in a cabin near by. It's been awhile since any of us hiked, a couple of us never have, but we were able to handle the trails and streams pretty well. We had to go slow in some spots but we made it through and everyone came back in one piece. I definitely recommend this trail to anyone interested in a challenge.

One of my favorite trails ever! I lost count of river crossings. Trees to climb under and over on trail. Careful, recent fatality do to slip on rocks.  I only saw 3 couples. Parking was fine for me but if you go when busier you will be out of luck if no parking. Lot is very small! No where nearby to park if lot full. Also driving my camary was scary as I wasn’t sure it would make it out of the long puddles entrance road. I made it in and out though. I read some people said lots of trash. I picked up two water bottles and that’s all I saw besides a little broken beer bottles in lot. Bathtub is just to right of rope at 2 miles. It’s a 7 mile loop. I did 2.5 and care back to total 5 because I enjoyed crossing river so much and wanted to see bathtub again. Well marked trail. Look for yellow paint on trees and pink ribbons.

Awesome little hike! I went early before it got busy.
The bathtub it’s self is not easily seen from the trail... if you don’t know where it is it’s easy to miss. The sign they placed for it isn’t even on the trail... you have to turn and walk down the creek bed a bit to find it.

Did this early morning hike w 2 black labs and it was great! Rocks across streams were slippery, tho they looked dry, so be careful (busted my butt twice, ha). Beautiful hike, wish I had brought a plastic bag for the very few items of trash we saw. Do this, so worth it.

absolutely beautiful!! somewhat difficult and slippery but worth everything!

This place was breathtaking. I've never experienced anything like it. The whole 1.8 mile up hill, which is great because it's all down hill on the way back. Never lacked Beauty and awe. Definitely worth the trip. Wear good shoes you'll more than likely get your feet wet. Take your time so you don't get hurt. I wouldn't suggest children but they are yours you weigh there value and endurance. A rope just before you get to the first, confused with the bathtub but not, there is a rope and little footing as well as slippery take your time. But wow so absolutely worth it. Good luck God Bless

This trail is definitely not for anyone who can't cross 13 wide creeks and and a lot of slippery rocks. You have to pull yourself up some embankments every now and then, and where it's so heavily trafficked it's muddy and slick. The walking paths are easy in between all that. The Devils bathtub was very crowded and looked better online than in person. If you go past the bathtub there is another waterfall with a swimming hole, but I only advise experienced Hikers to go down. You have to work your way down to get to a rope attached to a tree to get down. Even as experienced as I am, I still slipped and tore my meniscus and got a MCL sprain. That made it very difficult getting back out. Lol.

Best hike ever. Don't let the length discourage you. Upper waterfall is difficult to get down to but well worth it

I enjoy this walking trail!

My all time favorite! I'm so lucky that I live local. I had a friend in college show me this place before it became wildly popular. I normally take the shorter route which is only 2 miles. I'm not in the best of shape and I normally have no problem getting in and out. Definitely wear good shoes and clothes for crossing creeks !

Trails all over the place but over all very nice place. It's local for me and I just go up there hiking every where!

Nice challenging trail with 13 water crossings. Wear good trail shoes and be prepared to maybe get wet. Very rocky terrain in some parts.

This trail is a good one. Be prepared to get your feet wet. There are several creek crossings. There is a little elevation but nothing too bad. The section at the bathtub can be slick. There are more than one crystal clear pool on this trail. It is not marked the best but because it is heavily trafficked you will not have any problem finding your way. It is really fun during the summer for obvious reasons but is also beautiful in the fall.

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