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It was a cool Sunday morning for August, upper forties as Boy Scout Troop 86 started out on a 20 mile hike to complete the hiking merit badge. We started at High Knob tower on our journey. The sun was shining bright across the distant mountains with hints of fog in the low valleys. You could feel it was a great day for a hike.
By the the end of the first half mile it was time to shed the light jacket. At mile one was the flat still water of High Knob Lake surrounded with mountain laurel. The overlook at the dam is a great backdrop for pictures. From this point on it was a fast pace to Mountain Fork. We stoped for a quick break and a snack. The trail to this point was well marked, and a down hill grade was making for a fast hike. The first five miles went quick. However at about mile six we turned to a uphill grade not bad but still uphill. Then the cobblestone type rock started for the next two miles. It made for a little harder hike. But still a great day to be in the woods. As we neared Edith Gap we ran into a horse trail blazed with orange paint. It was better marked than Chief Benge Trail. Some of the orange had faded almost looking yellow. This almost caused a wrong turn for us on the trail. At Edith Gap we took our next stop and ate a light lunch.
After lunch it was back to a quick pace on our way to Bark Camp Lake. From this point on it was back to a downhill grade for the most part. It was a welcomed site to see the long foot bridge of the backwaters of Bark Camp Lake. We knew we were over half way through. As we rounded the lake it was obviously low on water. We made it up to the dam and found out why. The Lake was drawn down to make repairs to the dam. We ran into signs saying Trail closed for construction. At this point we were not turning around and going back, so across the fresh graded soil we went. We seen several critter tracks in the damp ground, one of witch was a black bear paw print. It was as big as my hand, quite impressive I must say. At Bark Camp we made a quick stop to rest some tired feet before continuing on to Stoney Falls.
As we started back on the trail it was back through the dam construction. This made it harder to locate how the trail progressed below the dam. But yellow blazing was found and on to Stoney Falls we hiked. Still on the downhill grade it made for easygoing. When we arrived at the falls it was obvious it was a popular place to visit. Over ten vehicles in the parking area and several families out enjoying the day. From the falls on it is a beautiful three miles to Hanging Rock where our ride awaited us.
All in all it was a great hike with a total of fifty nine stream crossings. I would do it agin if I have the opportunity. But it does make for some tired Boy Scouts.

Clear trail, lots of running water to listen to, not ideal for trail running though as it has many slippery points, jagged edges, and roots

5 days ago

the trails were so grown up with weeds...nevermind the tree blocking the path. we gave up and turned around. however the sights at the beginning were beautiful.

This place was breathtaking. I've never experienced anything like it. The whole 1.8 mile up hill, which is great because it's all down hill on the way back. Never lacked Beauty and awe. Definitely worth the trip. Wear good shoes you'll more than likely get your feet wet. Take your time so you don't get hurt. I wouldn't suggest children but they are yours you weigh there value and endurance. A rope just before you get to the first, confused with the bathtub but not, there is a rope and little footing as well as slippery take your time. But wow so absolutely worth it. Good luck God Bless

18 days ago

This trail is definitely not for anyone who can't cross 13 wide creeks and and a lot of slippery rocks. You have to pull yourself up some embankments every now and then, and where it's so heavily trafficked it's muddy and slick. The walking paths are easy in between all that. The Devils bathtub was very crowded and looked better online than in person. If you go past the bathtub there is another waterfall with a swimming hole, but I only advise experienced Hikers to go down. You have to work your way down to get to a rope attached to a tree to get down. Even as experienced as I am, I still slipped and tore my meniscus and got a MCL sprain. That made it very difficult getting back out. Lol.

great hike with 2 beautiful falls and lots of smaller casades. trail follows the creek the whole way. went in late August and variety of wild mushrooms.

Best hike ever. Don't let the length discourage you. Upper waterfall is difficult to get down to but well worth it

I enjoy this walking trail!

My all time favorite! I'm so lucky that I live local. I had a friend in college show me this place before it became wildly popular. I normally take the shorter route which is only 2 miles. I'm not in the best of shape and I normally have no problem getting in and out. Definitely wear good shoes and clothes for crossing creeks !

Trails all over the place but over all very nice place. It's local for me and I just go up there hiking every where!

I really enjoyed this trail. I didn't happen to look how far the trail went or where it went to. I just walked about 2 miles in and 2 miles out. I'm not in the best of shape but I found this trail to be comfortable to me. Didn't have to go very far at all to see the beautiful falls!