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Nice trail and well marked.

Medium challenge distance medium challenge elevation

I’ve done this loop a couple times, once descending to the lake and crossing the dam instead of doubling back to the siltstone connector. The only downside to Purple Heart is the condition of the trail on some of the ascents/descents. It has been washed out in places, so watch your footing.

1 month ago

I would do this trail first then Siltstone, rest at welcome center, then return to Scott’s Gap. Winter hiking is best!

1 month ago

We took the Yost to Michell Hill trail. It’s about 4 miles total trip of both trails. Beautiful views and would highly recommend it. Couple of steep hills but nothing to bad!

1 month ago

I really enjoyed this hike. My Apple Watch says it’s 3.84 miles. I found this trail to mainly be easy terrain, but the hills are very steep. I like that it offers a nice variety of exercise, it’s not hard but will get your HR up and you’ll feel the burn in your butt and legs. Saw some really interesting things like a old car, deer, tiny waterfall, mushrooms and a face in the tree. I went around 12:30 and there was two cars in the lot, by the time I finished it was completely full. Definitely recommend doing this one early. Great day!

Lots of ice storm damage by the recent storm but overall very good. Would do again

Enjoyable Thanksgiving day hike with my 25 year old son. My dad took me mostly on Christmas days. We encountered several families and a solo hiker. We took everyone's advice and took the right fork. Beautiful day in the low 40's with blue sky and after the first ascend, mostly ups and downs thereafter.

Tough trail and a good workout, if that’s what you looking for. Would not recommend for a casual hike.

Beautiful hike as the leaves are changing. Long enough and short enough. Went with a group, took just under 2 hours.

2 months ago

The welcome center has this trail listed as 2.5 miles at most, so I wasn’t sure what to add in to get to the length others experienced. Path was always easy to follow- took the Yost ridge trail to the Coral Ridge Loop, then back to the welcome center. Went in early November, foliage was beautiful and trail wasn’t very muddy yet. Little bit of elevation, but an easy go overall.

2 months ago

Gorgeous hike, love this trail out of all others at Jefferson Memorial Forest. I always take the right hand fork at the beginning of the trail. A steep ascent but comes to a stunning overlook.

We done this trail twice last weekend for training. There were two picnic tables but no restrooms.

A nice relatively short trail. There is a creek bed to cross at the bottom of the valley, but it was dry when I crossed it. The beginning and end of the trail are flat.

3 months ago

This trail is wide and is fairly easy to walk. There were very few obstacles along the way and no steep sections. It is appropriate for any age child. This trail is shared with horses so watch where you step. I'd like to do this trail again in winter since there are some areas that look like they would have good views once all of the leaves fall.

4 months ago

I really enjoyed this trail and it’s ups and downs although it was my first time today and I did not have this app which would have been helpful as there are a few turns and you could get turned easily off the loop.

Well marked and nice balance of different types of terrain.

I love this trail. As others have said, it will keep the heart rate up. It’s a clean trail with beautiful wildflowers and we’ve seen plenty of deer and other wildlife. Personally, I prefer to get the sharp ascent out of the way first, so that would be counter-clockwise on the loop.

trail running
5 months ago

Ran this trail today for the first time and even though it had rained the day before, the trail was very manageable with not a lot of muddy spots. Beautiful trail under a nice canopy of trees. I can highly recommend it.

Nice little day hike

Nice trail. I do most of my hiking in the west so nice change of scenery for me.

6 months ago

between trail marker 3 and 4 there is supposed to be a look out somewhere. I didn't find if. nor did I fine trail marker 4 or 5. I was at 6 before I knew it. didnt set out to hike the whole loop but I don't regret it. hot day, good hike.

Nice Kentucky hike

Nice trail but not clearly marked as “yost Trail” along the way so you have to figure out which trail to take that is included in the 10.6 miles. We ended up doing 11-12 miles. Not much elevation. Some downed trees that were a bit difficult to climb over. But my biggest dislike was so much horse feces on the trail, unable to avoid and all over our boots.

I'm sure this trial is nice. I wouldn't know though. I was able to run about a quarter of a mile of it when I ran into a group with a lab that was off leash. This is bad at Horine. People need to follow instructions or stay out of the park. It's not fair to those without pets trying to enjoy the trails.

Scott's Gap section is the most under appreciated section of JMF. This trail has been one of my favorites for years.

Loved this trail! Clean wide path with easy to see blazes. 2 spots of steep elevation that made me sweat:) the park is nice with plenty of restrooms, water and trash cans. Shady spot with picnic tables at trail head for lunch afterwards.

Well marked with a good balance of level and elevated terrain.

7 months ago

It was a good trail. Nice hike, but there wasn’t a lot of good views.

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