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I'm sure this trial is nice. I wouldn't know though. I was able to run about a quarter of a mile of it when I ran into a group with a lab that was off leash. This is bad at Horine. People need to follow instructions or stay out of the park. It's not fair to those without pets trying to enjoy the trails.

Scott's Gap section is the most under appreciated section of JMF. This trail has been one of my favorites for years.

Loved this trail! Clean wide path with easy to see blazes. 2 spots of steep elevation that made me sweat:) the park is nice with plenty of restrooms, water and trash cans. Shady spot with picnic tables at trail head for lunch afterwards.

Well marked with a good balance of level and elevated terrain.

20 days ago

It was a good trail. Nice hike, but there wasn’t a lot of good views.

26 days ago

Hiked three trails and two connectors a few weekends ago (Coral Ridge Loop, Holsclaw Hill Loop and Button Mold View Loop). 9.6 miles in 3 hours and 27 minutes. Elevation gain was gradual.

When you come to the first fork. take a left. If you right you instantly go up a long steep incline right off the bat. The trail is a series of steep inclines and declines. It was 89 (feels like 92) degrees out when I went and it was to hot and humid. Probably would not be near as tough if it was cooler.

Great hike! Probably one of my favorites of JMF

We loved it! Kid friendly!

Easy going trail. Lush green forest and the creeks were all flowing. I just wish it was longer!

1 month ago

Fun hike! Trail was in great condition. Will hike again.

Moderate trail with a couple hills worth a couple hours of hiking.

Great trail, moderate skill level,bring plenty of water the inclines on a hot day will leave you parched.

Nice, quality hike. Not very challenging, elevation gains aren’t too severe.

Really enjoyable hike. It was a bit muddy in spots from all of the rain but still safe

Awesome hike! Very muddy after a big rain. Took the shortcut which had one big climb.

The only reason this trail is not rated hard is that it is not rocky. This little 3.3 is a beast from beginning to end. It is probably my favorite of all the trails in JMF. It will have you feeling like you walked 6 miles, but wish you were doing 6 more. I like to hike it from off the Siltstone (Bearcamp Rd. Trailhead) which adds a few extra miles and you can lollipop it. Great hike, beautiful views and and a lot of up and down.

Great workout and wildlife.

This is a great trail for all skill levels! It was my first time hiking in 5 months and I thought it was a great trail to get me back into it. You do share the trail with horses which we loved. It was March when we went so not a lot of greenery but still breathtaking. We found a spot to stop and have lunch and take some pictures. I definitely recommend it!

3 months ago

Hike was strenuous, great workout. Almost entirely up/down.

A great loop, pretty easy except for one valley that’s a little steep.

great loop trail, two decent size hills, love walking it with my dog. Keep your eyes open for trail markers and its great seeing the valley floor.

4 months ago

Was a beautiful spot to take the dogs. We all had a great time. We ended up doing about 12 miles because a few of the turns were not clearly marked. Had to keep bringing app up to make sure we were on the right path. Overall it was great and with all the hills, we all are going to be sleeping well tonight!

Really enjoyed this trail. Nice views. Well kept. Clean and very quiet.

trail running
4 months ago

Great flat trail that you can continously run on. I was over there last week and someone pulled all the location markers. I emailed the city of Louisville and they reassured me the markers would be replaced so hopefully they have been.

4 months ago

Great trail,only a couple areas in turns weren’t marked and had to check the gps, otherwise excellent, I’ll definitely be coming back in the summertime to see how different it looks.

Relatively flat except for the two huge climbs. They’ll let you know how out of shape you are. Beautiful views though.

Great workout with several incline/declines. We hiked in the snow...glad we brought our poles!

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