It's a nice enough trail, but there is way too much horse crap on the ground to make it an enjoyable hike.

26 days ago

This is a great trail. Maintained very well. No spider webs and fallen trees have been cut through to keep the trail open. I ran most of it but hiked up and down the inclines and declines which are steep and still provides more than enough effort to keep my heart rate up.

Very nice trail. 2 intermediate hill's to climb.

on Scotts Gap Loop Trail

2 months ago

3 months ago

Well marked course. Nice steep climbs for walking.

Best trail I've been to so far, some decent hills to walk but nothing outrageous. Even with leaves covering the trail it is still easy to navigate.

Wasn't expecting it to be as narrow and have as many steep inclines/declines as it did. It was a major work out. You almost start to feel lost but as soon as you do you see a red marking of some sort to let you know you're on the right track. It's more miles than listed on the camp grounds, they have it listed as 4.2 when it's really about 6 miles long. So I wasn't fully prepared but still concurred it!