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This trail hits you hard right away, first couple hundred yards are straight uphill. After that nice trek through the woods. A lot of wildlife, bunch of deer and a couple turkeys. It's different than the other trails in the area, at times felt more like a game trail than hiking. which was quite enjoyable for me. Pretty narrow trails, challenging in spots, overall nice. Will go back.

Very strenuous. Nice hike. Views would be better after leaves have fallen.

The trail is half fire road and winds past campgrounds. There’s a couple of tame creek crossings along with short but mean climbs.

A very nice 2 hour stroll in the woods.

Great little trail for a hike. Trail was in good shape and as others have pointed out, there are several up-hills that will get your heart beating faster. Went on a Saturday and saw maybe 6 people total hiking. Have a gripe - love dogs, I have a 4-legged hiking buddy myself. But people, keep your dogs on a lead. Came up on 2 couples at different time whose dogs were not under control. Rules are in place for a reason folks. For all of us. Follow them or as the posting at the park states - they will just ban dogs altogether on the trails. Sad for those of us who hike responsibly. Other than that, great hike beneath the canopy of the forest.

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moderate my ass, strenuous is more like it. Not for a beginner or like me out of shape. but when we got back to the felt great! look i did that!

28 days ago

I like that this trail is not heavily trafficked and that it's a great workout. I usually only see deer and no people.

I combined this trail and the Siltstone for a training hike and found it to be a good challenge. Quiet with some nice views. The only issue I had was I did not find it as well marked as some of the comments say. There were not any other off shooting trails so, I just followed the path. This app is not accurate to the trail so maybe using one of the downloaded trails would work if this was a concern. If you go on a hot day, bring plenty of fluids. This little trail is a challenge!

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