Nice clear path, and trailheads are marked where I started. Couldn't complete though, due to flooding in the area. I will try again, once everything dries out a little bit more...the only part I'm not liking so far, is that horses have trampled this trail pretty hard. If you hike here, please watch your step, and be mindful of horseshoe 'pitfalls' lol

Trailheads were iffy all around the park. I only found 2 true trailheads that were well indicated. Those 2 trails were in terrible condition; I even found ATV tracks on the trail which made it even worse. As a hiker to another hiker: leave this area to the horses. Don't waste your time.

This trail can very muddy after substantial rain or snowmelt. A decent enough place for the terrain, trees and lake, but hikers looking for four star trail should look elsewhere.. Water crossings are rock hops. Appears as an oaisis of trees from the air. Ruins from WWII camp can be clearly seen from trail. Neat.

Walked the trail yesterday with my son. We thoroughly enjoyed it. The trail is clearly marked and has plenty of variation. I would definitely recommend it. Will hike it again!

I really like the elevation changes and how quiet the area is