Can you camp along this trail?

It was a good easy trail until you had to go the up hill at the end and back down the other side. Thankfully tho there were benches along the way to rest if needed.

1 year ago

Primitive trail was alright, lots of deer and two eagles were seen.
The nature trail is fantastic. A nice hike beside the creek. It had me itching to put in a kayak. Planning on hitting a couple more trails around Grayson/Olive Hill this week.

Trail was a little difficult to find, was not marked well or maintained well. A little more maintained it would be a much better trail.

2 years ago

Nice trail but.... no where did we see signs for Little Sandy Trail. There is a Grayson Lake Nature Trail and a Primitive Trail which is closed because the bridge is down. Its a nice spot and we enjoyed the hike. Water was up so along the river we had to bushwack a little but it was worth the views. Lots of benches to take a break and trash cans to dispose of trash along the way.

Easy loop trail with really pretty scenery. We crossed a few footbridges and saw a natural waterfall just off the trail. The Primitive part of the trail was closed due to work on the bridge so we were left with the 1 3/4 mile nature trail. Did spot a rattlesnake just off the main trail so, be aware.

Nice trail, well kept, and great views. It's worth taking a camera.

Nice trail, very nice views along creek.

Great little hike. A nice elevation climb to a decent lookout. There is also a very nice footbridge at the bottom of the dam. As a member of the Army reserve, I helped construct this bridge back in the late '90s. Also, take the path by the creek, it's a very nice walk and you'll see a very large sycamore as well.

5 years ago

This trail is in Carter County KY and not in Milton, WV seems the site needs to be upgraded. Nice trail and good to see wildlife and make sure you take a camera for the nice views along the way.