14 days ago

Great hiking for all skill levels even wheel chair accessible. Beautiful scenery waterfalls, springs, caves. You are walking on a paved trail between two knobs. In the description says no dogs, don't know why. Mine went with me.

A fun and educational hike to the Church and Col. Duffield’s cabin that visitors can enter. Outstanding!

Outstanding trail to hike in the winter with nice views of the Ohio river.

Excellent short Trail to do in the winter after a cold spell. When the waterfall would be frozen, also great in the fall for the wildflowers. But I do wish the individuals with spray paint would have an extremely bad year.

Nice, well marked trail / road. Learning and pondering history of the turnpike is worth the hike.

Nice trail, well marked. The falls had a decent amount of water flowing, better than expected. The only downfall is that you have to walk past a weird RV equipped camp that looks like something straight out of the Walking Dead.

Nice paved trail with a lot of history. Seibolt cave was a neat find. I'll be coming back with my gear to explore.

Great historic route, as this is the old Louisville and Nashville Turnpike. Grateful that Fort Knox and surrounding communities have preserved a section of the old road. You will cross three historic limestone arch bridges and will pass by several springs that emanate from the bluffs on both sides. Dripping Springs is right before the gate, as is Sieboldt Cave. The gate is about 1-1.5 miles past the trestle. The road continues on to Wilson Road on Fort Knox, although walking past the gate is illegal.

Great hike if you combine it with the Bridges to the Past trail. Tioga Falls trail has changed since I last hiked it twenty years ago. There is no loop, in fact the first quarter mile is a detour, then it reenters the woods on a steep climb to the trestle, then another steep climb to the ridge. Never strenuous, but the first climb to the trestle may induce a little huff and puffing. There is a weird old building and a trailer out front, complete with a KY 1990's license plate. The building had lights on , but could not tell if anyone occupies it. You will pass this area on the detour route.

It was closed and scary to run by yourself. Bring a friend cus no one will hear you scream and it has freaky old campers on side of back road with old abandoned buildings . No safe to be alone

I was scared to run alone. Eery trail, bring a weapon or friend with cell. Perfect place to be robbed or murdered......

3 months ago

Nice views, scenic walk/hike through a lesson in history. I’ve left 2 little green army men there at two of the buildings. Check out armyofgreenmen.com

3 months ago

Beautiful views along this short scenic trail crossing a railroad near a bridge. Sadly I’ve yet to see much flowing water in the falls. Hopefully next time. Still a recommended trail for a morning stretch.

3 months ago

Great hike with an awesome waterfall! Recommend wearing boots. Some portions are pretty rocky.

3 months ago

Great trail. Marked well and has some good views from the red route.

good trail, make sure you wear good shoes, mostly up hill.
beautiful water fall

The up hills is brutal but worth the view. The first time I walked up the hill I had to rest. Now I can run up it, it is a workout. Love the feeling of walking through history.

A good trail to take family and pets. Really enjoyable hike that ended with a beautiful waterfall. Great experience

trail running
5 months ago

Good trail. It can be a little slippery though.

on Bridges to the Past

5 months ago

Lovely paved out and back path with plenty of room for bikers, walkers, and runners. Caves and bridges marked so exploring is easier! Only downside is you start hearing the nearby outdoor gun range at around the 1.5 mile.

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