It was a good hike

If you go to the back of the parking lot you will see a trail head and it will say “To the fort.” . For the loop, though,follow the red bicycles painted on the trees. This path is a much more gradual incline and you eventually end up at the fort. If you go early to beat the heat in summer, carry a stick to knock down the spider webs.

This trail was more than I expected although the fort itself leaves a little to be desired. Lots of history in this area. Many are talking about the steep hill but if you go the other way, the incline is much more gradual. Lookout of West Point is available as well as a natural spring. Saw lots of box turtles in the creekbed. Also tons of spiders, so if you don't like webs in your face, keep your eyes open lol

Loved this type of History. It is amazing how they built these earthwork forts back in that era. Even though it was a very hot & muggy day, we enjoyed the area and history. Trail is in good shape. If you combine this with the Bridges To The Past & Tioga Falls trails down the road not more than five minutes, you will have an easy six miles of hiking.

The Hill was insane but wasnt bad for a person like me that is half way in shape. The fort is not much to look at if you dont know what you are looking at. The view from the fort is amazing and totally worth walking up that hill.

Nice trail. Marked adequate. Overgrown in a few places but for the most part very well maintained

Crazy hard hills, but gorgeous area and a well preserved historical site. Biggest downside was that the trails were not well marked and I am unable to find a map of the site that detailed how all the trails tied together or where any of the other trails were.

A fun and educational hike to the Church and Col. Duffield’s cabin that visitors can enter. Outstanding!

Outstanding trail to hike in the winter with nice views of the Ohio river.

10 months ago

Nice views, scenic walk/hike through a lesson in history. I’ve left 2 little green army men there at two of the buildings. Check out

10 months ago

Great trail. Marked well and has some good views from the red route.

The up hills is brutal but worth the view. The first time I walked up the hill I had to rest. Now I can run up it, it is a workout. Love the feeling of walking through history.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Loved it nice trails easy too follow lots of history and not very many people. Good workout. Will go back

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

For a somewhat local trail to me it has a great view of the river and valley below at parts of the trail. Seeing the old Civil War grounds is a nice added bonus.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Great for hiking. We went didn't really follow any directions so we went every which way but it was beautiful.

Friday, March 31, 2017

The first portion of this trail right as you come out of the parking lot is all uphill. It continues like that for about a quarter of a mile, then flattens out as you enter the fort. There is an old man who walks around the fort several days a week. He knows pretty much everything there is to know about the history of the fort and will even recite some of his Civil War poetry to you if you are lucky enough to talk to him. There are several other, smaller trails that branch off from the main trail, including one that leads to the fort's cemetery and another that leads to a small pool where the soldiers in the fort got their clean water. Beautiful trail.

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