Welcome to E. P. Tom Sawyer State Park, one of 52 Kentucky State Parks. E. P. Tom Sawyer State Park is named for Erbon Powers Tom Sawyer. He was born in Metcalfe County, Kentucky on November 18, 1915. He spent his life serving the public. He was a Naval Officer in World War II; a University of Louisville Law School graduate; and Jefferson County Judge Executive. He died tragically in an automobile accident on September 23, 1969. He is survived by his two daughters, Linda and Diane (anchor for ABCs flagship broadcast World News), and his wife, Jean. E. P. Tom Sawyer State Park was once a farm worked by the former, much larger Central State Hospital. Many remnants, such as barns and cemeteries, still remain on park property. Governor Louie B. Nunn dedicated the park in the fall of 1971. By May of 1975, the park recreation building and pool were officially opened with the assistance of matching funds from a Federal Land and Water Conservation Fund Grant. E. P. Tom Sawyer State Park is a continually evolving facility. Over the years, the parks Foundation Board, with the help of a Bingham Family Fund grant, has planted and cared for hundreds of trees. This project transformed the once barren fields into what we see today. The population in Eastern Jefferson County has boomed in recent years, and thousands of people enjoy the facilities, programs, and beauty of nature here every day. E. P. Tom Sawyer State Park is part of one of the nations finest state park systems. We welcome you to explore our Unbridled Spirit.

2 months ago

A nice wide flat trail to walk on with the family. Lots of amenities including (but not limited to) picnic tables, soccer fields, port-a-potties, covered picnic tables, and a nice fitness area.

It’s a good, basic trail. Not terribly demanding for a stretch of the legs. If you’re a beginner or alittle out of condition it’s a great starting point.

Nice shady trail. Saw a family of deer!

Decent when they maintain the trails, good for a short lunch time hike

Good hiking and trail running path

Lovely scenery. Easy walking trail. My dog loved it.

Nicely maintained, beautiful scenery, easy walk. My dogs love it.

Well maintained trail. Great to walk with your dog.

This trail is great if you are looking for a short outing. There are lots of animal trails off the main one if you want to make it a little longer. You will encounter several people and some dogs. Overall a nice trail that is close to the house.

trail running
Saturday, April 08, 2017

Easy park for trail running. It feels like the forest is being cleared out. Wide trails. Has an unnatural feel to it now.

Saw 1 deer, a little confusing when it coincides with fitness trail. Good trail for regular use.

I went with my husband and our 3.5 year old and 15 month old. Our daughter completed the hike on her own and our son was worn by me. We enjoyed all the little meandering paths off the main loop.

Nice for a leisurely hike, popular area expect people on the trail often.

Besides the main trail, there are a lot of little deer path trails that wind and twist into this park. Plenty of questionable turns to make but always fun to free the maze. Cave is cool, and at dusk, the deer are plenty.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

You can turn this into a nice 2 mile hike if you go around the perimeter. Not well marked and the woods can be pretty busy with cross country runners in the fall. Other than that a great hike in the city limits.

Monday, February 01, 2016

Bring the kids: the trail opens up to a field where a "lunatic asylum" stood from 1870 until to '50s. Made for many a story.

Good trail, beautiful scenery. Would rate higher, but is a short trail.

very peaceful

I really enjoy spending time at this park

Nicer than I expected, though a little more crowded than I'd really like. There are some unmarked junctions than can make it easy to get turned around, but you're in a suburban area so there's no real danger of getting hopelessly lost. Nice Sunday afternoon walk for me and the dogs.

Nice small trai; good quick get-a-way. If starting from the Hurstbourne Trail head, there's 2 places about half way where the path becomes part of a light graveled road and it's not clear which way to turn? Turn left on both. Like a NASCAR race track, always turn left. :)

Great place in the middle of the city to make you feel like you're not in the city.

Great little walk to get away for a bit. Easy hike, so my three year old daughter can walk unassisted for the most part.

Just a short lovely walk through the woods. I love walking here after work

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

For a suburban park Tom Sawyer rocks it. Several miles to hike within the city limits.

Nice quick get away

12 days ago

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