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11 hours ago

One of the most beautiful places in Kentucky.

5 days ago

Not really a trail, but the views are awesome and there are a few lookouts on the side of the trail.

Nice walk around the lake! We were coming off illness (but needed to stretch our legs) and looking for an easy Sunday hike. Also wanted something relatively dry (no creek crossings) as it wasn't an especially warm day. This checked all the boxes. Minimal elevation changes and obstacles. Easy to follow trail (you take the road back to complete the loop). Expect to see lots of lake views, accessible beach areas, and some rock formations. Also, lots of trash. Like a lot :-(. I'm sure on a summer day it would be a different experience with lots of boat traffic as well, but the lake was fairly quiet on this March day. I had a toddler in a backpack carrier (and a baby in my belly), and an 8 year old on foot - the loop took about 2 hours with plenty of breaks to skip stones and play.

One of my favorite trails in red river. Has all you want, climbing, waterfalls, and you see some arches

Recent maintenance work on the trail by the USFS has made a big improvement.

The fire tower is still there however it is in need of repair. Bath County Tourism is attempting to raise fund to refurbish the tower.

Loved this little section of Sheltowee Trace!! We walked out to the suspension bridge and back. We walked around the creek and fund some really great camping spots close by. There was a small waterfall along the way which always makes for an exciting hike. Definitely going to use this a starting point for one of our Sheltowee Trace straight through hikes! Walking out was a lot easier than I anticipated it to be. The last ridge is the KILLER and you’ll know when you get there! Happy Hiking

Beautiful lakeside early March hike. We found a small beach to stop for a quick lunch and just to enjoy the lake with no boats and no one else around. It’s a super simple hike. You will need a map as the trail is not marked until you get right up on it. There are benches throughout the trail overlooking the lake you need a little break. We also found picnic tables and grills at the end of the trail we didn’t see when we piled up so that was a nice little surprise. Excited to come back in the summer when it warmer to float and grill! ***** There IS lots so trash

12 days ago

Brandt - I think you were on the Rock Bridge Trail from the parking lot to Rock Bridge. Very easy. Take the kids. Beautiful sights! The Swift Camp Creek Trail, however, is 5 miles one way (10mi out and back) of up and down along Swift Camp Creek with hiking along the edge of a 100ft cliff, some tight spots, plenty of logs and mud. I do not recommend it for kids. I joined the trail from Wildcat and continued south so I missed the first 2 miles. It was beautiful but I did not plan appropriately and was out much longer than expected. If you headed south on the trail there is a spot where it seems to end in a creek. Keep going downstream to pick up the trail again. Not well marked. If you want to do the whole trail in a day: start early, pack a lunch and snacks, dress in layers and take a lot of water. It is challenging but there are wonderful sights along the way. Plan on taking 4 hours one-way and 8 hours for the round trip.

Probably one of the prettiest hikes I’ve been on in a while. The suspension bridge is great, but there is so much more to see!

16 days ago

the water was flowing really well today. Creek was high, even the BSF was very high. To see another nice falls, when the water is flowing well, don't go up the stairs to the parking lot. Follow the trail to the Sheltowee Trace trail and go around the cliff line (will be on your left). Pass a wooden bridge, look left and there is a nice falls. Once pass the bridge take the trail left and go up the switch backs to the top. This is a short hike and will take you back up to the parking lot.

16 days ago

Nice hike. Water was raging so we didn't get to Lick creek falls. The recent rainfall had the water running over the rock houses which was extremely photo worthy!

The falls was running strong as were all the creeks feeding into the falls and river. The upper loop at the top of the falls was too deep to cross without shedding your shoes. We saw at least 6 Red Eft Newts along the trail.

Quick and easy out and back trail. Great place for first time hikers that are wanting to get started. I would suggest this hike during October as the leaves are changing.

Not terrible. I hiked it in the rain and the horses have beat it down pretty well. There are some decent views of the lake but it is mostly just a stroll through the woods. It’s long but there are no big hills. Expect mediocre views of the lake and no technical climbing or heart pumping hills.

I really loved this hike. I loved that it’s near the creek and the waterfalls were running. My tracker said it was farther than the all trails app does, I think that is true. The cascades were beautiful and every bit of three miles out. The Cumberland river was up and visible from just past the cascades, .03 on the sheltowee trace trail. This trail was well maintained and had some difficult areas. The first two waterfalls would be easy. After that it’s long. Coming back is difficult because of some fatigue. Trail head was just before you cross the bridge. Clearly marked after 20 or so feet. Enjoy. Well worth it.

Got all the way there to find out that it is indeed not accessible year round. Went 2/21/18 and the gates were closed.

27 days ago

Great trail definitely lives up to it’s name but definitely worth all that work you’ll put in to see it

Really enjoyable hike. About as wet as it gets right now (Whitley county is under flood warnings), so the trail was slick, but doable. I had an 18 month old on my back, and an 8 year old on foot - took about 2 hours round trip with some timeouts for off trail exploration. Path is well marked and clear from most debris (just a couple of downed trees that were very manageable). Four creek crossings (not sure if that's typical), two waterfalls, moss covered rock formations, and a suspension bridge. Great setup for camping on other side of bridge - will be back in warmer temps to make use of it.

1 month ago

This is a nice Arch with a great view. Half of this hike is a gravel road. Not great. Other half is a nice trail. Keep kids from the 140 foot cliff at the Arch. Would have a better rating except the boring gravel road.. I’d do this hike again but after I finish all the other trails at the Gorge first.

road my horse many miles on this trail throughout the years. love it.

1 month ago

Another great hike for Hoss and me,Van Hook falls was frozen over,it was amazing,one of our favorite hikes, icicles were every where,the streams and creeks were frozen,it was a winter wonderland!!!!

1 month ago

good trail, lots of rock formations down by the river.

Definitely one of the most amazing arches in the gorge!

1 month ago

A great hike,Hoss came with me and it was beautifull!!! Had fun and huge cliffs and huge rocks everywhere,loved the suspension bridge!!!

1 month ago

Loved. Pretty short. Mile total maybe. Easy hike. Views are beautiful. No one else way out there. Can sit and take it for awhile. This would be very easy to get people out to see the views if they aren’t able to hike inclined trails.

1 month ago

Very short. Moderately easy trail, short but not flat.

1 month ago

One of favorite in the park. It's a nice Sunday morning get your blood pumping while you walk and drink coffee kind of hike. Smaller formations than other trails but more accessible and personal. Also, if your into geology, it has some beautiful formation patterns and water erosion features.

Great hike, and views. Never made it to the falls, going try it another day when I have more time!

Gorgeous waterfall but the hike was very short...This would be great for someone who can’t hike far. To get to the lower part of the Falls you follow the path straight back and it will take you down to the water where you walk through the water back up to the lower part of the falls. We hung out for quite awhile. Very beautiful place with a peaceful ambiance to it. Definitely recommend it.

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