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I highly recommend this trail. It's a nice trail for an afternoon hike after a long day at work! The falls are gorgeous!

I really enjoyed this trail and found it to be much different than the others in RRG. This trail runs along the creek for the most part and is very lush, attracting frogs, insects, and beautiful flora and vines that gives you a unique feeling that you’re somewhere more like a jungle. Finding the trail can be a head scratcher, this app brings you somewhere before the actual trailhead but you’re close. Continue over the bridge and you’ll see a popular parking lot with a bathroom on your right. Best to park there. Then on foot continue down the road about 50 steps and on your right will be an unmarked trail, which is the correct one. You can’t get lost on this trail if you use the creek as your guide. The trail does traverse the creek a few times, but fortunately for us the water was low enough that rock bridges/logs were popping out of the water and used for crossing. There are also several downed trees to climb over but the trail does remain visible almost the whole time. The waterfall itself is super cool and taller than I expected. Word to the wise: Bring bug spray!

3 days ago

Was a great hike, lots of orange salamanders so watch your step as they hang out on the path. We did the hike to the falls and on to the end about 5.73 miles total. Seen a turtle in the path and a lot of birds in the surrounding woods.

I liked this trail. Be warned we did see a rattlesnake and a copper head swimming in the pool of water where the big rock is. It’s a long trail and we didn’t get a chance to finish it. But the bridge was neat. Didn’t get to see a lot of birds, just heard them.

7 days ago

One of the RRG’s best kept secrets. If you are looking for a few hours on the trail, away from the more popular, crowded spots, this is the hike for you. Deep in the creek, you definitely feel like you are in a tropical rainforest. The trail fades in and out, depending on the water levels, but just follow the creek and be prepared to cross several times (choose footwear accordingly). There were a few spots with downed trees blocking portions of the trial, but nothing unnavigable, just mildly inconvenient. The waterfall looks best after a good rainfall (or during), and conversely, may only be a trickle in drier periods. If you are feeling adventurous, you can climb up the side of the cave to the top of the waterfall. Be careful, as the rocks are slick up there! I parked at the Copperas Creek kayak put-in parking lot and walked away from the one lane bridge, along 715/ the Red River (downriver) until I came to the trailhead. Plenty of parking spots, bathrooms, maps and park bulletins.

Lovely trail with a little bit of everything - beautiful subtropical, mountainside foliage, cardio elevation, rock walls, a cave, an arch, a river, a creek, and a the crown jewel, a waterfall. If you are a photog and want to get pics, don’t come on a weekend. My first visit was on a warm, Sunday, Spring afternoon and it was like Disneyland. If you prefer solitude or want to get pictures, then weekdays, early are good for you. Falls look great after some rain, and the splash pool is a great place to cool off. Nice picnic area and family friendly. My only complaint is the limited parking.

Nice hike with waterfall and creek that the dogs loved.

Brutal terrain. Elevation change and rocks and tree roots make for a really long trail. I’m not a regular hiker, so this was really too much for me. I hiked about 7.5 of the 10 miles over 11 hours and was completely exhausted at the end.

Still, it was an amazing trail that offered creek crossings, rock scrambling opportunities, waterfalls, birding, and plenty of flora to observe and delight. Highly recommended for those who are up to the challenge physically or who may be backpacking in and spending a couple of days on the trail.

Hard not moderate. It takes some serious guess work and a lot of wrong turns to actually find the eagles nest but once you get up there it’s awesome.

We went earlier this week, the falls were beautiful, nice scenic route. Would love to go back after it rains.

Nice hike. Nice waterfall.

Beautiful view at the top. Easy trail to follow. At the end there is scrambling, not very difficult to do. We brought our dog (35 lbs), so the hardest part was figuring out how to get her up. We had to pass her several times because she couldn’t get a good footing on just the rock face, though there were many places that had tree roots and dirt that she could stand on securely. Basically, if you bring a dog you need two people who are comfortable holding the dog while scrambling.

I would rate the hike as moderate, not hard. It was short and quick. There are trees to set up a hammock at the top, too.

(If you’re interested in an even better view then do Indian Staircase. But don’t bring a dog, the trail is hard to follow and there’s more and harder scrambling)

Extremely easy short trail, great for when you’re short on time. You get to pass through the arches at the end. Highly recommend doing it at least once.

Well worth the hike

Really cool rock formations

I've spent a lot of time in the Gorge and this may be my new favorite place. I visited for the first time yesterday. There's no longer a rope for the final ascent to the top but I was able to scale the last section following the split in the rock below the cedar where the rope use to be. I wouldn't recommend attempting it on a wet day, but then again I wouldn't recommend being on top of cloud splitter on a wet day. Here's a link that gives some great perspective of cloud splitter and what makes it unique, the 360 degree views it gives of the gorge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BqvCvMHpKIg

I went yesterday, this trail has incredible scenery and beautiful falls! A perfect light-trail that won't wear you out but gets your blood pumping. I recommend going in the rainy season, as the creek and falls will be more full and flowing!

17 days ago

Gorgeous waterfall with easy access to the top and a nice pool at the bottom

Beautiful trail

Beautiful setting following the creek to the waterfall! Our dogs loved it too! Trail head is past the parking lot on the right and obvious. The wild flowers were still blooming too. Minimal elevation gain.

21 days ago

Amazing forest setting! Trail was hard to pick up sometimes but it made it more fun that way. Crossing the stream multiple times was an adventure. The waterfall at the end was so worth it. Rain didn’t keep us down! Would hike this again!

This trail was more impressive than I expected, particularly the basin area below the arch and the arch itself, which is massive. The elevation change will get your heart thumping.

Great trail! It was raining the first half of our hike but it was worth it. We were worried about the ground being slick but it wasn’t bad at all. Definitely recommend this trail.

Easy hike. Make sure to dip your toes in the falls.

23 days ago

Relatively flat trail with very nice waterfall at the end. You have to criss-cross the stream about 10 times along the way. If you go behind the falls and walk up to the right over the rocks the trail continues and you can go up on top of the falls.

This trail is a moderate trail. There are a few waterfalls along the way to Vanhook. There is only one place to sit at a bench to rest and that is at Vanhook falls, but there are some rocks if you don’t mind sitting on them. At times it seems like you should have already made it but once you get there you will know. When I went I didn’t see anyone on the trail. It was a weekday and it was pretty nice out so I’m surprised there wasn’t at least one other person. The hills aren’t bad at all, it’s mainly the length that may tire a few people. Overall, a good hike.

24 days ago

A really amazing day for hiking! A little uncertain of the trail head--you have to walk about 20 paces down the road past the parking are to find the trail on the right--but once you're on the trail it was pretty easy going. A few areas where the trail is uncertain, but well trodden through most of the hike. Just follow the creek and it leads you to the falls. Well worth the time!

25 days ago

nice trail with decent scenery.

I was not able to find the hidden trail :(

Great little hike. Family friendly.
Also great views.

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