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18 hours ago

Fun, easy trail - not marked. You must cross the creek several times. The first half mile the creek was dry. Many social trails, I picked the ones of least resistance and stayed near the creek. The falls were trickling and the pool was muddy brown. My dogs had a blast and we didn't encounter anyone until the hike out.

19 hours ago

We’ve hiked this trail several times and love it! Very pretty in the fall and spring. Hiked about 1/2 mile in today, though and saw fresh bear marks on the trail. We just turned around and headed back out!

Good Family trail. Took my 11yr old that has a weak lower trunk and Autism and my 4yr old. Neither had any issues walking this trail. The scenery is amazing. God's creation is just breath taking.

We stayed Monday and Tuesday night and there were several people there. The shower house and restrooms were fairly maintained. We stayed near one of the ramps so it was easy to put our kayaks in. The lake was down so it wasn't as pretty as I had hoped, but the water is clear and we snorkeled and swam one afternoon. Also, there are several hiking trails. One lead from the campground to the dam and the one I enjoyed the most was Vanhook Falls. We didn't make a reservation, but got a decent campsite. My guess would be that it is noisy on weekends. I would recommend this place to a friend.

We just visited Vanhook Falls and I have to say it was the highlight of our stay while at Holly Bay campground. The trail is easy at first and gets more strenuous near the falls, and the rock formations and overhangs were beautiful. There were several smaller waterfalls near the trail. You will walk across two bridges. There is a nice bench to catch your breath once you get to the falls.

5 days ago

Fantastic hike! I think the mileage may be off by a mile. The rock formations are amazing and the falls are pretty with a nice sandy beach to sit and admire them. My dogs had a great time playing in the water. We didn't see anyone there - except for a bear! The trailhead was slightly confusing because it forked at the beginning with no signage. It looks like there may have been a sign there once. Anyway, go right.

June 2018: saw a rattlesnake, bear... and LOTS of TICKS!!

Parked on the side of the road indicated by the trail head, easy to find the trail. The first bit of this trail was overgrown with a lot of brush coming into the path. Almost stepped on a rattlesnake unknowingly, which turned aggressive as we noticed it. A bit startling. The middle of the trail is EPIC, as it consists of cave-like structures and trails that weave through them. The actual waterfall isn’t at the end of this trail, it is about 1/2 to 3/4 of the way through. It seems the end of this trail is the parking lot for the scenic overlook trail. On the way back we spotted a large (150+lb) black bear on the trail. Also a bit startling. Lived to tell this tale. Only harm done was two tick bites, sore legs, and some general anxiety as a moderately inexperienced hiker.

Good trail. My mileage was closer to 10.9.

It was an absolutely beautiful trail! Between the mountain laurel trees, flowers, small waterfalls and streams, it just made a well rounded hike.

Throughly enjoyed hiking the trail. Didn't see anyone until we were almost back to the trailhead. From a photography standpoint, the falls is a little difficult to photograph because it is not very thick. However, there is a small set of waterfalls that are very photogenic along with the creek and the large bolders

Great hike with some good hills and beautiful rock formations and creek crossings. Every time I go though I notice others have left trash camping past the bridge. Unfortunate to soil such a pretty place. LNT

We had a great hike here today. Perfect trail and absolutely love the suspense bridge!

I hiked to Makers Arch first. Trail was adequate but a bit overgrown. (1 mile). Then continued to Yahoo Falls. Beautiful rock formations abound once you get into the ridges. The falls is amazing and is worth the hike. However, don't take this hike lightly. I did the 5 plus miles in just a bit over 2 hours. Take water with you and apply bug spray before going into the woods. Although All Trails rates the trail as moderate because of the distance and elevation change it is on the Hard end of Moderate. Great Hike!

One of my favorite short hikes. Great views and a nice hike to test a new backpack before going out for several days. varied terrain will show you any issues it might cause.

One of the best hikes in RRG.

rating it a 3 because I thought I would see the view in the picture. I had only forest views. although it is June, so perhaps the views are only visible in winter/fall (there were only a few trees in the way at the top). without a view at the top, it was really just a path to nothing and then the same path back out. I was still able to catch the sunset at the beach at the campground, so all is good. Seems like a nice place to camp so far.

Finding the trail at first was a little difficult, the trailhead is probably 20 feet from the bridge. The trail itself doesn’t seem too hard but plants growing along the trail will have you pushing limbs, bushes, briars, and other plants out of the way of your walking path. At times the trail gets very narrow and often you will duck under low hanging limbs. The end of the trail is very pretty but some of the rocks and hills are a little steeper and challenging. Overall, the trail isn’t the best but the end of the trail is very worth it.

Really enjoyed the first mile as you can see the lake most of the trail. After that we ran into a few problems. The trail is fairly narrow. There was a lot of long grass with "stickers" that hung across the trail and were relatively painful. Of course, that grass also meant ticks - I removed about 20. Along the water, the trail was washed out at 4 places, making it somewhat difficult to cross. If not for these problems, we would have really liked the trail.

20 days ago

Love this trail. Great scenery beautiful landscapes from start to finish. Hike it in the summer and winter (wet) months for different views. Little waterfalls pop up throughout the trail....and if you like Paw Paws there’s a little grove close to where Bark Creek intersects with the Cumberland River....Nice little snack to enjoy before either heading back to the trailhead or onto the Sheltowee Trace.

Beautiful trail, long but fairly easy. Not many other people there. Except hobos that have set up camp right by the main falls that are not friendly. I'll be calling someone about them asap. The rest was wonderful, we sat around at Cane creek and went in the water for awhile.

Great hike with awesome views. We missed the first turn and added about 2 mikes to our hike, but still worth it.

Wow! anyone using the app for directions to trailhead though beware.... trail does not start from there. Be prepared to get wet!

This hike was crazy insane fun! It was raining and foggy but it did not stop several people from hiking the trail that day :) I really enjoyed this hike, crossing the Creek several times.

This place has it all :) Absolutely beautiful and well taking care of♡

Fun trail with great views.

26 days ago

Such a great hike. Location here is a little misleading. Go to the parking lot with the bathroom right beside the one lane bridge. Trail is a little farther down from the bridge on the right. Basically just follow the creek until you get to the falls. Trail isn’t right beside the creek the whole time but it is always in sight.
Beautiful place and it really feels like hiking through a jungle, or at least what jungles look like in movies and tv. Definitely bring bug spray. It had rained a few days before we went and the falls was flowing pretty good but if it hadn’t rained I’m not sure there would have been anything but maybe a trickle. It is much higher up then I thought it was going to be which was a great surprise. There is a trail to the right that goes around to the top but we didn’t go around so not how that trail is. The trail to the falls is a pretty easy walk. Does cross he creek several time so be prepared to get a little wet. We will definitely be going back!

26 days ago

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