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Hiked as a point-to-point. Parked one car at the 49er, then drove the other car to the south side, parked and headed north. We could not seem to find the trail head. The All Trails directions landed us in someone’s driveway. Finally parked next to the cemetery and used All Trails to make our way the the trail. We essentially forged our own trail and managed to add about 3 miles to our hike by doing it this way. Was an adventure for sure, but my piggies were screaming for an epsom salt bath after that marathon hike. :). At one point we had to cross a highway to continue the trail. It was also drag racing weekend, so sounds of the dragsters could be heard during most of our 16 mile hike (took just under 7 hrs hiking time). While there were no spectacular views necessarily or stunning water features, this was still a very pretty hike and this day we were aiming for distance. Loved the suspension bridge and trails. We also encountered such a variety of trails and people! Bikers, hikers, runners, campers - great variety of trail types. After crossing the highway the trail was much quieter. Also was prettier as we went along. A very long hike, but loved every minute of it and so glad we did it!!

New the the RRG but I thought it was a beautiful hike. The arch was stunning and the rock formations along the way were impressive. The scramble up to the arch was slightly challenging on slippery rocks. We did not go counter-clockwise and paid for it with four sets of steep up-hill stairs back to back. However, we were rewarded with rest on an awesome, large look out rock before finishing up the loop.

9 days ago

A lovely stroll through the woods and very empty along the way. Some fun scrambles down rocks and natural steps to get to the arch and very neat rock wall that you can have fun exploring. Felt like it’s own magical little world to me.

Most scenic trail in the Gorge. Well worth your time.

Perfect conditions today. My 7yo and 9yo did it with no problems. I’m a dummy and missed the turn from Indian Staircase to Cloudsplitter Trail, which is behind you at the first trail markings after doing the loop around Indian Staircase. So quick backtrack of 1/4 mile, but it allowed us to see Landscape Arch.

Great scenery! Rugged, could use better blazes, took six hours to hike from Angel Windows to Rock Bridge parking lot. Overall a great day in the forest.

All around a super fun, interesting trail and was gorgeous in mid November with the fall colors. We went counter clockwise leaving the easy/less interesting paved mile for the end when our legs were starting to get tired. The ridge portion is stunning!

16 days ago

Hiked away in love with this trail. It’s the perfect mix of hiking along with breathtaking views and some challenging moments. We started at Indian Staircase and finished the hike at Cloud Splitter. This is a great way to go because you start where you park. By the book it should have taken us 3 hours or so to hike the trail but we had so much fun it ended up being 4 1/2 hours. I would not recommend Cloud Splitter if you are not experienced with low-level climbing. It is challenging but worth it if you are able. Best hike I’ve been on in awhile.

Good trail. Not too rigorous. Appropriately categorized as moderate, but I only needed to help my 5 y/o through a few spots.

Great trail. Easy to follow. Nice views along the ridge.

Great for a moderate to hard hike with a large dog. There are metal see through stairs through out the hike that our dog was afraid to climb so would be ready to potentially life your pup. Full loop starting from main parking to rock and around to double arch took 3.5 hours. Little over 7 miles. photos for 5-10 minutes and snacks. Great hike. MAKE SURE TO PARK IN A DESIGNATED PARKING AREA OR WILL GET TICKET. DO NOT PARK ON ROAD. HAVE FUN!!

I hiked it from the campground end making it shorter but still a pretty good workout. Almost 400 ft decent and then back up, but the big open arch and waterfall grotto is delightful. Trail ends at the arch though. Impassable beyond, so prepare to climb back up the 75 step staircase! Pleasant in Fall!

23 days ago

Actually was Suspension Bridge to Cloud Splitter with lollipop back.

Our personal favorite. Ridgetop views are beautiful.

Nothing to see here

Did the Indian staircase trail but did not do cloud splitter this time. The All Trail Ap helped us navigate the trail as it is hard to stay on at certain points. Loved the view at the top of the staircase but it is definitely a challenge. Beautiful October day in the Gorge celebrating my husbands 55th bday. The trail has a bit of everything. Woods, foliage and views. We loved it!

29 days ago

1 month ago

Trail wasn’t very interesting; not much of a view, even once you reach the arch. Most rigorous part was 3-4 sets of stairs back to back. Was really hoping to be able to climb at least some parts of the arch, but it isn’t offered.

I would consider this a moderate hike with a few challenging sections. Most challenging part was coming down from top of Double Arch but the views on top of the arch were incredible. The fall colors were good but still not peaked yet. Overall, I would recommend this hike but may want to go on a weekday when it’s not so crowded.

I would highly recommend this trail to anyone who has experience with hiking in different elevations/terrains. I did the loop from the parking lot to courthouse rock, over to double arches and back down to then proceed to the double arches parking lot and the gravel road back over to the courthouse parking lot... The first 2mi are phenomenal. Next 2 I are a bit more challenging over to Double Arches. Then the final 3.5mi decent over to the gravel road and back to the parking lot is really calming as it gives you more than enough cool down time and a bit of scenery as well. Overall it was easily my favorite trail I've ever hiked. I'm from North GA and I've only started hiking this year with about 7 trails under my belt so far which range from really easy to highly moderate. This was a great last hike for my Kentucky trip!

Great view of grey arch, but boring loop. Just do as out and back, and spend your time on prettier trails.

Good trail for beginners hills are up and down but nothing very difficult 3-4 easy creek crossings stable rocks about .5 miles from the waterfall is a perfect spot for tents but if you have a hammock you will have to backtrack a mile or so for tons of hammock spots that are level.

Excellent trail! Ropes and scrambling are required but completely worth it

1 month ago

Popular little trail out to the arch. Pretty cool arch. Fall colors would've been the icing on the cake

Lots of stairs so probably not the best option for young kids or pets but such an amazing arch. It was a cool hike too because it was shaded and in and out of caves. Good hike for a hot day.

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