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Stop by and climb Courthouse Rock as well and it's a perfect hike. Little bit of everything. Only complaint is it's a popular trail

Amazing beautiful and simply complicated hike. I prefer to take the counter clockwise route to go down the staircase more than going up.

Great all around Adventure.

Fantastic trial! Also saw 4 snakes, rate the snakes as 10/10 they didn't bite us and were very polite. (Keep a lookout!) So great we did this hike twice in the short time we were in RRG.

4 days ago

5 days ago

Fifth time to RRG and it only keeps getting better. Eagles Nest Trail was my favorite hike so far. However, it should absolutely be rated as Hard.

Not only is it difficult to figure out which path at which campsite leads up to the point, the whole trail is incredibly dangerous. The hike requires traversing large slippery boulders over creeks and along riverbank cliff sides. Climbing up and over large rocks and scaling hillside tree root systems is the norm. That is before you even get to the 30+ yard runoff / wet slipper rock scramble suspended over a 5-20 yard cliff side at a dangerously steep incline. Try not to slip, but also keep your head up! We had a gut wrenchingly close call when a frisbee sized rock dislodged by someone above came crashing into the top of my girlfriends backpack at deadly speeds, just inches from her skull.

The top is not nearly as sketchy as the hike up, except for the fact that the cliff side is a good 200-400ft above the forest floor. There is a reason this is one of the deadliest places in the gorge, do not go anywhere near the inside of the eagles nest without proper climbing gear.

The view was absolutely beyond explanation, especially as twilight lifted the dense morning fog.

5 days ago

Wonderful hike!

6 days ago

6 days ago

Awesome hike. Lots of cliff side views. Slightly rugged. Amazing views. Good distance for a longer hike but not take all day. Lots of sights along the way!

One of the Best views of the gorge given The shortest hike to see it. Moderately rooted trail

Short hike but a little on the rugged. Neat geological formation