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14 days ago

14 days ago

This is a great trail, with tons of scenery and views. The Rough Trail is a 8.5-mile point to point hike, or a 17-mile out and back. We chose to do the 17 mile version which is pretty strenuous. The trail goes down into valleys and over ridges several times, our elevation gain was around 6,000 feet.
This area can be very humid in the summer, and the rhododendrons obscure the views. Early spring allows for good views along much of the trail. Later in the spring would be great for seeing the rhododendrons in bloom.
It can be hard to find good camping along this route, but Parched Corn Creek has some excellent campsites, along its banks.

part of the trail is closed currently..

15 days ago

Visited in early March. Parts of the trail were wet and some trail markers are hard to see. Keep your eyes open for the white diamond markers and you should be just fine. Plenty of sights all along the way. Very beautiful trail but just make sure you stay on the path and plan accordingly.

great way to spend the day

Closer to 3 miles from the trail head to Van Hook falls but well worth it

Trail was great ... really liked the cliff lines and the bridge at the end.

Kid friendly and beautiful!

18 days ago

This is a great trail to use if one wants to make it easier, (for old ones like me), from the South Rough Trail Head area to Rock Bridge. Mostly downhill. Only 82' drop in elevation. No creeks on this trail but some nice rock formations when nearing Swift Camp Creek Trail. I think all the pictures posted here of the creek or creeks must be from Swift Camp Creek Trail and not Wildcat Trail. Once Wildcat ends at Swift Camp Creek, (1.8 miles from the Wildcat Trail Trail head), the fun begins.

Very nice, quiet, peaceful hike. Saw a double rainbow at waterfall just past the bridge. Absolutely beautiful!!!!

very short trail....gorgeous. not sure but it may be a loop. we went across the creek instead of going down the blacktop trail.