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2 days ago

This is the trail we take our aged parents and friends with little kids on. It's great for those who want to see the Gorge, but can't do much hiking. Just a short, mostly paved, 1/2 mile, out and back to an observation area. The view is great though and everyone should see it at least once!

2 days ago

Spectacular views! I take all my first-time-to-the-Gorge friends here! It really shows the scope of the Red If you just do it as an out and back, it could be considered easy. As a loop, it's more in the moderate zone.

2 days ago

3 days ago

short, easy hike. the view is superb of this section of the gorge.

no one on this trail the day I went; easy hike and the arches are lovely.

3 days ago

slight climb at first but the formation is spectacular. easy hike; no one on this trail the day I went.

high traffic but easy walk.

This was our third time to hike around this fabulous city park. It has challenging ascents and descents. It is pretty well marked, but we did accidentally enter the 3D Archery trails-not at the sign-that's where we exited. Our pictures show and alligator-part of the 3D scenario! Fortunately, no one was there and they only aim down marked trails-so there shouldn't be danger. But it was a bit uncomfortable! Once you reach the top, there are some nice views of North Frankfort and the Capitol as well as historical markers. There are also Port-a-potties! Bonus!
We like to go about 5 miles-we never hit that on our 3 separate hikes, but the ascent helped make up for shorter distances. There are some slippery places due to recent rain. Best to wear Roger hiking shoes on the trails. We also used our poles-but younger people seemed fine. We also saw more waterfalls this last time due to heavy rains 2 days before. No blackberries in the Blackberry Meadows (trail). Oh well, it was still a fun hike.

A nice trail. Some good rock formations.

Nice short little hike for the family. Good variety in landscape, changed from thick shaded forest along smoke trail (which you can take to get to Eagle nest. Not too busy, good amount of wildlife. View from highest point is ok.

Nice little hike. Very peaceful! We took our 16 month old and she loved it. There was only one hill we had to carry her down and she was able to walk the rest of the way. Short, easy trail.

As teenagers before it became a actual trail, friends and I would go there to jump off falls! Great to see it get turned into a spot for everyone to enjoy!!

Went a couple of summers ago. Was a nice trail and is in a part of the park that prohibits any man-made structures so don't expect hand rails and steps like you'll get some other places. Hiked about 7 miles in and went off trail up a creek bed to camp before hiking back out the next am. Was a difficult but very rewarding trip.