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4 days ago

definitely not an easy trail. I repeat, do not bring your young child down this trail. it's around 7.5 miles one way of steep cliffs with narrow trails. many ups and downs. very technical with rocks/slippery roots/mud.

That being said. I loved the trail. if you're up for it it's great.

7 days ago

I have been training for my June 2018 Sobo on the Appalachian trail for a year and a half now. I have been on many trails.. The rough trail is by far my #1 favorite trail so far. Great views, rugged trail with some big climbs and great views. There is always good water sources and springs to filter from. Make sure you pay attention to the trail, and don't get split off on a side trail. Its fairly easy to do if not paying attention. Greys Arch was amazing to finish it off.. Great camping spots. The rock formations, cliffs, arches, and water falls are amazing. A+++ Great clean trail..

Easy hike, picturesque. Also provides easy access to other trails depending on how adventurous you are feeling.

This was one of my favourite trails when I lived in KY! It is very scenic, the area at the bottom of the arch is extremely photogenic. This loop is very easy to hike quick or slow depending on what is wanted and is not too treacherous, although there are some areas with steep drops on the side of the trail.


10 days ago

Very easy short trail. I passed 2 families with young children so fine for kids as well. Beautiful. Even found a little baby snake!

10 days ago

Loved this trail! Very beautiful. The waterfall was awesome. Pretty easy hike. Very enjoyable.

10 days ago

one of my favorite falls. so beautiful. so easy and quick to get to

11 days ago

Park at courthouse rock then hike to double arch and take road/path back to car nice hike.

Great hike in mid-April! Got to hike next to a series of small waterfalls and then ended up at Vanhook Falls, which was very neat. A fairly easy hike, but if it rains, the trail may be more difficult. One person would have to cross small streams if it is wet and rainy. I was kinda confused at which trailhead lead to the falls, but figure out that the Vanhook Falls trail is across the road from the parking lot. Good couple hour hike.