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6 days ago

A beautiful day for a hike today! Lots of people were there enjoying the falls! If planning a hike take beach towels, swimming wear or a change of clothes. Take a picnic and have fun all day swimming at the mini beach. There may be a spot even to set up a hammock! There are two trailheads on 195 the first one is a 4 mile hike to the falls. About 3 or so miles up the gravel road is another trailhead. This one is unmarked. There use to be a sign but no longer there. That trail is a mile hike to the falls. (That’s the one I take). The trail is well worn. The hike is easy for the most part but a few spots are a little tricky and slick.

7 days ago

The falls are awesome after a day or two of rain.

We had an amazing hike out to the falls and back. Ran into people of a variety of age and even a couple of pups with their PAWrents along the way. The directions led us directly to the trail head which was fantastic. We will definitely make this hike again!

Started at the visitors center parking lot and started on trail1. Was re routed to 12 due to a tree across the trail 1 trail. Then connected with trail 7 then back to trail 1. Confusing to say the least but never felt “lost”. Continued on to Dog slaughter falls, roundtrip with reroute was 8.5 miles. Hopefully the trail 1 will be back on line soon to save a few steps. I didn’t find the trail difficult as far as ups and downs, just be sure footed as you navigate the lose rocks and roots in the trail. We did not see anyone else on the trails, but it was Wednesday and mid may so the weekends could be a bit more busy.
The scenery was lovely but you had to constantly watch you’re footing or take a tumble. The fish were jumping in the river and all the falls were flowing fully.Many shrubs getting ready to bloom as well as trees. 1 small snake and several squirrels were along the path.
The map($1) was helpful and will pass it on to someone when we leave. All in all a great trail, beautiful and easy to hike. Moderate is the rating, maybe so. Try to work in going to the Dog slaughter falls as your turn around point, a-little more difficult trail to walk but worth the extra effort and time. Pack a lunch and enjoy! No ticks yet:)

Nice trail with a view of Cumberland falls and eagle falls

wonderful trail. Lots of stairs, but we'll worth it to see Eagle Falls. climb the big boulders at Eagle Falls to get the BEST view of Cumberland Falls!!! Did the loop and we're glad we did as we avoided quite a few hikers going to the falls

We LOVED this trail! We went the day after it rained a lot but we were still able to access the last stair case that leads to the falls. Beautiful views. If you’ve never been, there are a lot of stairs, so be prepared.

Awesome falls well worth the hike in but don’t believe the sign it’s not 1 mile to Dog Slaughter falls!! Would be awesome swimming hole in summer!

Agree with everyone else on this trail. Nice trail to saunter on and enjoy the scenery all along the way. It is odd that the trail marking ends above the falls. Once you get to the falls area, continue past it and you will find the scramble down. Not easy, but very doable. Note that this trail marking is the later access, and you actually pass the true trailhead to get here. It is not marked on the road, but there are usually vehicles parked here. Just use the GPS markings. The trail, including the scramble down to the falls is 1.5 miles out, making an out and back of 3 miles. I have had this issue a couple times with AllTrails, where the stated distance is not accurate. I believe mainly because it uses too few points to map the trail.

1 month ago

Don't bother with the loop, just hike out and back. It is less than a mile to the falls and gives you a good stair step workout. You basically climb up to an amazing view of inspiring Cumberland Falls and climb back down to the beautiful Eagle Falls. Take your time and explore around the falls. Then hike the mile back. It is a great short day hike.

Beautiful trail. From the gravel road to the trail to the waterfall it was beautiful. So much to see on this trail, it is a heavily trafficked trail. The hike is steep and slippery in some places, narrow in other places, with many little creek crossings. Even though this trail is short in length it is a trail to take your time and allow alot of time. Rock formation, swimming holes, and rhododendron covered trail makes this trail one of our favorites. Please watch small children and pets a few places with steep embankments and not much room for error. Very well marked trail until the very end. Happy Hiking!

2 months ago

Easy hike, good place to swim in the summer.

2 months ago

Rates more than moderate with the endless stairs, and irregular rock climbs. Watch for low overhang headaches.See it at this time of year because many of the gorge views will be gone once the leaves erupt.

Great hike. Beautiful rock formations and an awesome waterfall at the end!! We were able to walk down to the falls and actually walk behind the waterfall. A pretty cool perspective! Will definitely come back to this trail.

Loveee this trail! We rated this in our 3 favorite places we've hiked in Kentucky. The drive back to the trail was a little "are we ever gonna make it there?" But once we got there it was no issue! We took off at the bridge trail (shorter than the other trail head) very awesome hike. The river/ creek is beside you on the right the whole way through which was phenomenal. Once you get closer to the falls you may want to keep pets and children away from the ledge. I took my dog and she enjoyed this hike as much as we did. Once you're at the falls there is so much to see! Make sure you look around every where near the actual falls! the view is amazing all around there. Would recommend this hike 10/10. The hike back is a little more strenuous but still not bad at all! Will be going back again!! Enjoy!! And once you're finished with this hike head down to the falls resort and enjoy the views there as well!

watch for the last set of stairs, they can be sketchy.

Hiked from the first trail head and it was rough. Looks like this part of the trail has not had maintenance in a while. Lots of blow downs and over growth. If you hike this section be prepared to get your feet wet. Starts off nice, but just gets rough. The second part of the trail from the bridge was great! LOVED the waterfall, made it worth it. Decided to hike back to the second trail head and then walked the road to the first trail head where our car was to avoid the mess we had to hike through.

2 months ago

Would have given it a 5 if Eagle Falls had been accessible it wasn’t accessible due to high water levels. Nicely maintained trail and gives you great views of the Cumberland Falls.

Awesome hike! Beautiful scenery!!!!!

Beautiful out and back hike. Total of 2.2 miles from second trailhead. Cross bridge over creek then follow trail to the right. Several small up and down paths on trail. Wonderful view of the falls at end of trail.
Can continue trail to tha Cumberland river and then on to the Sheltowee trace trail.

This is a beautiful trail and a great waterfall. Super easy and great for kids. Watch the edges along the trail. If your careful, you can walk behind this waterfall.

3 months ago

Beautiful hike and waterfall. Play in the river. Great time. Good hike for kids but watch young kids with the steep drops trails edge. I’ve seen many adults struggle on the hills. If your used to hiking this is easy.

3 months ago

A great hike today with Adam and pebbles,beautiful waterfalls!!

3 months ago

Could hike this trail many times,the falls was beautiful!!!

Love love love this place! Strenuous hike but great exercise. There are some steps that were pretty tough but we just took out time. Seems to be pretty crowded through summer months, very popular place. Fun to explore and highly recommend it.

Perfect hike all year round!

Great trail for an over night trip. Unlimited watering points, plenty of camping spots and a lot of scenery. Dog slaughter and Bark Camp Creek falls are off of this trail so that's an added bonus. A couple of Sheltowee shelters along the way also. Next to the RRG, probably the most hiked section of the Sheltowee.

Another awesome waterfall the Daniel Boone has to offer. Just a small hike off of the Sheltowee or park at the trail head. Awesome trail. A couple of very dangerous drops if you have kids. A lot of water holes along the trail to play in.

It is beautiful right now because its almost totally frozen.

4 months ago

quiet on new yrs eve but fun to walk under icicles and go to base of the falls. some up and down. nice view of cumberland falls.

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