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Amazing trail for myself, 14 & 9 y/o. Beautiful views and gorgeous waterfall. Perfect hike!

After playing dodge the pothole down a grave road, we found the 2nd trail head (which isn’t marked at the road!). Sign states 1 mile which it is to the top of the falls and another 0.3 to the bottom. The path is slightly narrow and extremely filled with roots. All in all it was a moderately hard trail with some very nice rock structures and a nice creek along side the path. Once at the falls our dog got to swim in the cool water and enjoy scenery. Only issue is the huge piles of trash collected on the bank.

dog Slaughter Falls had a wonderful view of the waterfalls at the end of the trail. the only thing that was a complaint would be the signs were incorrect mileage hike. but other other than that I wouldn't change a thing about our trip. it was beautiful, I would recommend it!

Awesome trip and cold water to cool off in

Made it to Dog Slaughter Falls last weekend and had a wonderful time! Gorgeous hike all the way to the falls and back. Not too difficult at all but definitely seemed longer than one mile as the marker stated. Definitely going back!

Amazing hike- the trail is on the more difficult side as you get to Dog Slaughter trail from Sheltowee Trace, though

This is a great hike for all skill levels. We did the 1 mile trailhead and it was pretty simple. The trail between the falls and the river are much trickier but still easy enough for my 5 yo without any help. It’s a great swimming hole with nice cool water. Be careful as there are large boulders hidden under the surface. You can be standing in ankle deep water then over your head with the next step. I was able to touch bottom in almost every spot with only a few deeper areas, in general the deep spots were only a couple feet from areas you could stand. I read a review somewhere that mentioned large crawfish, which I wrote off as someone not having seen a lot of crawfish. However, my daughter and son crossed paths with one that was literally the size of a small lobster. The pinchers were the size of above average sized crawfish. It was an amazing specimen but wasn’t very aggressive, so don’t be afraid to go in the water.

6 days ago

My best friend and I took our 7 kids ranging in age from 5-13 and we had a blast. The trail is very well marked and wasn't too difficult for the little ones. The kids enjoyed wading in the water beneath the falls before we headed back.

Great hike! Beautiful falls at the end of the hike. Took about 1 hour from trail head. Very hard to find. It is off a gravel road, 2 1/2 miles down. Thought we would never find it. But def glad we did.

This was an awesome hike! Be prepared, it is a tough hike due to the incline and high humidity.. Gorgeous views. Probably my favorite so far in Cumberland Falls.

13 days ago

We hiked to Eagle Falls yesterday—it was a great hike! Well worth it when you get to the Falls-Beautiful and refreshing! In one place you get a great view of Cumberland Falls — stunning!

We hiked from Cumberland Falls to Dog Slaughter Falls yesterday—it was a great hike—took us 4 hours—many places with rock and slippery in places—a pretty good challenge but well worth it at the falls with the cool refreshing water. Bring water to drink — you will be gone a while—not marked the best—easy to get confused about the trail - is especially on the way back to Cumberland Falls. Give yourself time to get out before dark!

This was a BEAUTIFUL hike!! The sign was a little misleading. Just hiked yesterday and it was about 5 miles round trip. It is kind of strenuous up and down but it’s possible and worth it. You can cool off in the water hole under the Falls, very refreshing! It is also difficult to find off a gravel road...drive about 3.5-4 miles back and you should see a trailhead and a pull off in the gravel. No signs or markings of a trail there. Overall it was worth the trip!

beautiful. we were rained on, but we had a blast. will be back.

14 days ago

Very nice hike. Not too strenuous, even with all of the steep steps. The heat index was pushing 100 today so it was a little warm for sure. We took our 2 year old son and he did pretty well. Will definitely be back.

We took the longer trail (whose trailhead-the first one-is found on the left not far down Forest Rd.). This is a stunning trail and one of the best hikes I’ve been on in KY It was a long and challenging hike and took us almost 4 hours to arrive at Falls. The section between the long and short trailheads is less-used and overgrown with poison ivy and multiple large fallen trees blocking the trail, many more cliff type scrambles and slippery wooden bridges. It’s not very well marked so there were a couple times we scratched our heads and double backed a bit. Many rhododendron were still in bloom last week of June. Swimming in the pool was divine. The shorter trail was well marked, well-used and moderate as described. Sadly, there was a bag/pile of trash on the little beach. If I go again I’ll take rubber gloves and a bag to pack it out. LEAVE NO TRACE.

20 days ago

Wildlife, wildflowers KY at its best.

Longer hike than advertised but worth it to see the falls.

22 days ago

Great hike to a swim in the falls.

23 days ago

Overall this trail is a pretty easy hike with the exception of some steep stairs about halfway through. There are plenty of places to hang out on the rocks near the falls which makes it a good place to have a picnic or just enjoy the views of the river

The hike is nice, it has some huge boulders along the way to marvel at. The falls are BEAUTIFUL. My dogs and I had the falls all to ourselves for about an hour and a half. Big beautiful boulders around the falls for you sit and eat lunch while watching the water. Nicely marked the whole way. Loved this one!

Beautiful scenery 5 stars, trail needs A LOT of work. Lots of debris and trees across the trail, numerous poorly marked sections of the trail and multiple reroute signs. Took a map and used Alltrails and was still hard to find the actual trail in spots. Strenuous hike but fun.

I love it¡
Good workouts!

Absolutely beautiful hike!!

Great view of two falls! Lots of stairs.

1 month ago

We hiked this trail on the perfect day. It does have quite a few stairs in some places, but the view at the end (Eagle Falls) is totally worth it. We ended up taking our two children with us a month later so they could enjoy it. Our kids are 12 and 17 and had no issues with this trail.

This is my favorite trail so far! It’s rugged enough to be interesting but not difficult. The Falls is pretty and you can get in the water too.

I enjoyed hiking this trail and seeing the Falls. There were lots of pretty wildflowers too in May.

Was definitely a beautiful hike :)

This place is spectacular. Most people just see one waterfall and go home, when there is so much more!

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