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Started at the visitors center parking lot and started on trail1. Was re routed to 12 due to a tree across the trail 1 trail. Then connected with trail 7 then back to trail 1. Confusing to say the least but never felt “lost”. Continued on to Dog slaughter falls, roundtrip with reroute was 8.5 miles. Hopefully the trail 1 will be back on line soon to save a few steps. I didn’t find the trail difficult as far as ups and downs, just be sure footed as you navigate the lose rocks and roots in the trail. We did not see anyone else on the trails, but it was Wednesday and mid may so the weekends could be a bit more busy.
The scenery was lovely but you had to constantly watch you’re footing or take a tumble. The fish were jumping in the river and all the falls were flowing fully.Many shrubs getting ready to bloom as well as trees. 1 small snake and several squirrels were along the path.
The map($1) was helpful and will pass it on to someone when we leave. All in all a great trail, beautiful and easy to hike. Moderate is the rating, maybe so. Try to work in going to the Dog slaughter falls as your turn around point, a-little more difficult trail to walk but worth the extra effort and time. Pack a lunch and enjoy! No ticks yet:)

Nice trail with a view of Cumberland falls and eagle falls

Great trail for an over night trip. Unlimited watering points, plenty of camping spots and a lot of scenery. Dog slaughter and Bark Camp Creek falls are off of this trail so that's an added bonus. A couple of Sheltowee shelters along the way also. Next to the RRG, probably the most hiked section of the Sheltowee.

Great hiking trail. A few difficult areas made the hike fun. Parked at laurel lake dam and walked in. Great scenery as most of the hike is along Cumberland river. A lot of hills for the first 1.5 miles then the trail elevation evens out for most of the walk. Only made it in to bark creek and turned back. Great views of a waterfall on the creek made the entire trip worth it. Make sure not to miss out on this view. Took about 6 hours complete this hike which was, I would guess, 7 miles one way.

7 months ago

nice hike,seen one copperhead and ALOT of ticks.Didn't run into any other hikers till we got onto trail 1 then the trail was pretty busy up to the falls.

Amazing trail to hike and camp on. There are so many different kinds of landscape and geological formations on this trail. Just completed it on Saturday afternoon and it took about 2 days at a comfortable pace. We collected drinking water from from the clean pools at the base of the waterfall closest to Bark Camp
Shelter using iodine tablets and it wasn't half bad. Definitely bring more water than you think you'll need. I packed in 2 gallons and it wasn't nearly enough. Get in touch with the folks at the DuPont Lodge ahead of time to schedule a return shuttle or a room for recovery. Definitely would do it again.

9 months ago

love this trail. But also it is very hard. We always do this trail when we come to Cumberland falls. Takes a long time. 2 half to 3 hours one way. Expect a all day hike. That's what I go for. Not many people on the trail. A few water falls and walk with the river most of the time.

This was a pretty hike. A lot of up and down parts where your knees can bother you for days after the fact but a beautiful hike.

Best advice for any of these trails I can give is to buy a trail map at the gift shop (they are only $1.00). This is a Difficult trail; these trails are not for those with limited mobility or poor physical health. You start on the moonbow trail (trail 1) next to Cumberland Falls and follow the river.From where trail 2 starts, which you pass the first time to get to dog slaughter falls, its pretty rough terrain, but worth the trip. There were times I had to take my rucksack off and crawl over some boulders or drop my rucksack down a sharp drop, especially right before getting to Dog Slaughter falls. Once there, you can swim beneath the falls and there is a fire pit there you camp down at. Going up trail 2 is steep and from there, you can decide which path you want to take to get back to Cumberland Falls. For this trail, you take the path the sign directs you too, getting on trail 11 (then 7 then 12 which leads back to your starting point).

Nice way to see Cumberland Falls if you are staying at the park lodge and don't want to drive there. Trail #6 goes straight to the falls, while Trail #4 takes a longer route through the Cliffside Picnic Area. I prefer Trail #4 for its rock shelters and CCC-built stone steps. Fairly secluded except for the falls area, which of course is super crowded.

Always beautiful

Sunday, May 14, 2017

This trail was very pretty. A couple small waterfalls that you're able to see from the trail. One you actually go behind it and can put your head in to cool off if you want. We actually camped off the trail for 2 nights and during our trip went to dog slaughter falls and we absolutely loved that. Definitely a must (dog slaughter falls) if you're in the area.

Sunday, May 14, 2017

One of my favorite places to go! Beautiful and there were so many ferns and beautiful moss everywhere, if you're into that kinda stuff. The falls are remarkably beautiful.

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

We have done a lot of the trails around Cumberland Falls, this particular route is a little confusing. It switches trail numbers a lot. It is beautiful and enjoyed going up to the fire tower, hadn't been there in many years. We didn't go to Dog Slaughter because the lack of rain means Dog Slaughter Falls wouldn't have had any water falling. Cumberland Falls is always beautiful and one of my all time favorite spots.

Sunday, November 27, 2016

biggest water fall I've ever seen. breathtaking! trail can be slick so wear good boots

Monday, November 07, 2016

Very nice trail to some beautiful falls. Have been there a few times. Have never seen the moon bow.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

4 is a nice easy trail. The steps might be a problem for some making it slightly moderate. The attached map does not include trail 4, only trail 6 so be aware.
Trail 6 is a fairly quick walk to the falls. Again, steps may be a problem for some.
We saw several deer on trail 4 at dusk. They must be very use to people. We were able to get some pretty close video.

Incredible waterfall!!

Wednesday, September 07, 2016

it a very nice trail.the falls are beautiful.

Wednesday, September 07, 2016


Monday, September 05, 2016

Very beautiful trail, would definitely recommend it to anyone who enjoys hiking.

This trail is more of a moderate plus. There are lots of elevation changes 742 ft to 1381 feet. Lots of up the hill and down the hill. Very rocky and slippery when wet. Hiking poles are a necessity when hiking in wet conditions. You need to be in good shape to do this trail. Do the trail counter clockwise. The first half of the trail is all woods and not much scenery. the second part parallels the river and comes up from down river of the falls. Bring plenty of water!

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

6 is a nice, easy hike to burn off some calories after a great meal at DuPont Lodge restaurant. Wasn't looking for copperheads but it sounds like we should have.

We stayed at the Ridgeline campground at took the trail from the campground (I think it is 5) down to trail 2. This was an interesting trek through the woods. It was not scenic as others in the area, but connected to the falls viewing area. My kids were looking forward to connecting to more scenic trails.

There were several parts of the trail that appeared washed out. It was a great hike with some cool rock features right along the river. Calling it trail 2 seems a little deceiving. It's a combo of several different trails. I would recommend going early in the morning or early evening in the summer. The heat and humidity can get pretty intense.

Amazingly beautiful!

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Beautiful..... Loved it... Will definitely be back. Went with my son and our lab mix, only regret is that we could not stay long enough to explore more.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The trail could use some maintenance. There are several trees down across the trail, and it's overgrown in a few areas. The trail reroutes could be a little better marked. It is definitely longer than the 11 miles stated on the sign at the Mouth of Laurel boat ramp. Both shelters are in good condition. There are some awesome Creek crossings with beautiful scenery. All of the bridges are standing and in good condition, except one, but it is still usable. Overall I would say this is a great trail, and I would definitely hike it again.

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Easy wall to see the falls

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