so beautiful! Great hike & the waterfall is a great reward.

Great hiking trail with a beautiful waterfall at the end. Take the loop to add more to the hike. Several views of Cumberland Falls from the begging of the trail. The trail can get busy at certain times of the year and parking can be limited during these times.

19 days ago

After the falls take the longer side of the loop. It's longer but earlier terrain.

24 days ago

The trail is a good hike, tail well marked, great views, and trail is very clean. You will work on this trail, steps and climb over rocks to see the falls. the additional loop is a great hike, most do not do the loop and there are some quite place along the trail to just hang out and enjoy the day in the woods.

Strenuous, steep hike. I would not recommend bringing your dog to this trail as there are some very steep spots and cliff edges with no railings. The stairs at the end to get to Eagle Falls are very steep and once you reach the bottom you have to climb around large rocks to get to the falls. Otherwise, the views are definitely worth the hike despite the trail being VERY busy. But you are able to see a great view of Cumberland Falls and Eagle Falls.

This was a great, scenic hike! Perfect for bringing my dog with lots of water for him to jump in to cool off on a hot day. The hike was moderate but not too strenuous and the waterfall at the end was definitely worth it! There were a couple groups of people at the waterfall when we arrived but the rest of the trail was not too busy. The road to the parking area was a dirt road with quite a few pot holes so I would recommend taking a larger suv or car with all wheel drive.

Amazing trail to hike and camp on. There are so many different kinds of landscape and geological formations on this trail. Just completed it on Saturday afternoon and it took about 2 days at a comfortable pace. We collected drinking water from from the clean pools at the base of the waterfall closest to Bark Camp
Shelter using iodine tablets and it wasn't half bad. Definitely bring more water than you think you'll need. I packed in 2 gallons and it wasn't nearly enough. Get in touch with the folks at the DuPont Lodge ahead of time to schedule a return shuttle or a room for recovery. Definitely would do it again.

Moderate is perfect rating for this trail. The initial uphill wasn't so bad, but the climb back up from the falls was brutal. I was only carrying a camelback and my calves could feel the burn. Beautiful views of Cumberland Falls and Angel Falls. Nice rock formations and some ledges to maneuver around. Very enjoyable hike. Several short side trails going off of it. Well marked.

1 month ago

love this trail. But also it is very hard. We always do this trail when we come to Cumberland falls. Takes a long time. 2 half to 3 hours one way. Expect a all day hike. That's what I go for. Not many people on the trail. A few water falls and walk with the river most of the time.

This was a pretty hike. A lot of up and down parts where your knees can bother you for days after the fact but a beautiful hike.

This trail was very strenuous but was a pretty end by the falls. Took a while to go in and back. The trail itself had many stops along the way with a lot of pretty rock formations and shaded spots.

1 month ago

Beautiful views but it's not a moderate hike. 2 days later and my legs are still burning! Strenuous to say the least. ALOT of steps and I wouldn't recommend the loop to rookie hikers.