Great little two mile hike that has great views from the overlook and a section of the trail that hugs the cliffs and disappears into a rock shelter for a few feet. The only drawback is signage on the trail. If you hike in from the far entrance (graveled road), there is a turnoff that is not marked. For that reason, start on the entrance closest to KY 192. You will hike up an old logging road and pass several rock formations and a beautiful gorge with plenty of rhodo and hemlock in it to your right. The trail eventually turns to the right up into a drier forest of oak, holly and hemlock. This section could use a few markings, but it's fairly easy to see the trail, even in the deep fall leaves. Eventually this section comes to a T intersection with a fairly wide trail ( an old forest service road). To go on to the overlook and complete the short loop, turn right. To complete a much longer 6ish mile loop, turn left. The intersection is not marked and has not been marked for as long as i can remember. After making a right, keep straight for about a quarter of a mile to the overlook.