Perry State Park is located in the southwest portion of Perry Reservoir , four miles north of highway 24 on Highway 237. The park features a sand beach, five shower buildings, two boat ramps, picnic areas, and trails for horseback riding, mountain biking, and hiking. There are four utility campgrounds, totaling 102 sites with electricity and water hookups, and seven primitive campgrounds with over 200 sites. All of our campsites are first come, first serve. Perry State Park offers 22 miles of biking and hiking trails in the Delaware Area, and 25 miles of equestrian trails in the Jefferson Point Area. Our cabins opened on April 3rd for the 2010 camping season. Reservations for 2010 can be made on-line on our website or by calling the park office. The cabins will close for the year at the end of October. You can make reservations for our cabins one year in advance.

It was fun. Definitely need to watch your step as you could fall on a loose rock or trip over roots, branches. Looking forward to hitting the other trails.

Attended my first Dirty Girl Adventure on Perry Lake Trails. Day One equaled about 17 miles and Day Two was roughly 15-16. We hiked our hearts out. I found it to be challenging with several rocks throughout the trail. Nice inclines and downhill parts proved to be difficult. Beautiful views of the lake, sailboats, driftwood, berries, hedge balls, a snake, 3 deer, fall foliage, bridges, creeks, & cliff ledge type trails by the water. Pretty well marked. Loved it!

8 months ago

I enjoy this state park, they are easy trails but enjoyable on a Sunday afternoon

I was very happy to find this network of nice trails with lots of loop options for hiking. They are all well-marked with signs at the head of each trail that even includes a brief description of the trail including distance, whether it's a loop, and how technical it is for mountain bikers. Being a warm Sunday in March, there were quite a few mountain bikers and hikers in the parking lot, but the trails didn't seem crowded at all because there are so many loop options to choose from. There is a $5 day pass fee. Self-pay station at the trail head of the Blue Trail (Skyline). Many other loops branch off from the Blue

mountain biking
1 year ago

First time out here, nice area. I only rode some of the many loops out here. Had a couple of flat tires and rolled the bead on my rear tire after a flat. Need to get some new tubes and tires and try it again.

trail running
1 year ago

mountain biking
2 years ago

Boring and nothing to see.

trail running
3 years ago

This place is a secret gem. Some pretty awesome trails here. My favorite route here is to take Skyline to Great White to Mad Mile to Daisy Point back to Skyline. This 5-7 mile route offers some good climbs and descents over rocky terrain and some great views. Once you get to Daisy Point the trail gets flatter and the environment is absolutely amazing. You run along the waters edge and there are even some shore access points that you could jump in really quick. Pretty rocky trail otherwise so I like to run with my pack to carry a phone, water, dry clothes and a snack all just in case. If your looking for a longer run 10+ try Skyline to Logan's Run to Copperhead to Carlyle to Twin Peaks to Black Foot and back to the trail head. If your looking for something shorter take skyline all the way around its probably a little over 2 miles. If none of this makes sense now it will when you see a map.

Wonderful picturesque hiking/biking trails that meander along Perry Lake west side. Over 20 miles and 11 trails to choose. I prefer Copperhead, Carlyle, and Logan's Run Trails, because they have run close to waters edge. Some places can be rocky so be sure to ware protective shoes. Many trees and wildlife. I usually like to hike these trails in the spring, fall, and winter. Summer can get a little buggy, so use lots of bug spray.

The pictures here were taken on the other side of the lake along the trails on the East side of the lake.

These trails are some nice hiking/biking trails near the marina and golf course. They sandwiched between the lake shore and the golf course. Very nice quiet and scenic area for a hike or ride.

mountain biking
4 years ago

Nice trial, the climbs are decent noting to steep. Mosquitoes every where though, make sure you have bug spray on.