trail running
1 month ago

Great network of trails in town. The trails aren't marked real well and there are myriad side trails to get sidetracked on but if you like a bit of adventure and don't mind the occasional wander it's great for a trail run.

nature trips
3 months ago

My grandkids loved the trails most definitely will approve of this trail to friends

A nice easy walk with the kiddos.

I'm just impressed by it. I've been taking my dog on walks here ever since I discovered it.

Love this park, just wish the off-side walk paths were wider (they aren't dog friendly during tick season). Also wish they would never paved the main path, its nice to run on when I go to run, but hiking (rucking) I'd rather be on a trail.

as thrilling as walking on a sidewalk!

It looks a bit unattended, no restroom service. Are we allowed to pee in a tree? Besides that, a nice relaxing trail, lots of different birds.