The RED and BLUE Camp Trails are series of horse trails managed by the local horse club and within the Hillsdale Lake Sate Park. The trail is well marked and great maps are available on the park website. Marker 8 is just South of the highway and connects to trail segments to the north. Hikers can park at the state park office and hike 0.3 miles along the highway to the marker and start the trail. The eastern leg of this loop from 8 to 9 is mostly open plains and can be muddy with some deep ruts. The western leg of this loop from 9 to 8 is more wooded and rocky. There is a cut through in the middle of the trail if you want to shorten the loop. There are no water crossings in this loop. At marker 9, you can head West and connect to more of the RED trails below the dam. Trail hiked in April of 2018.