Hillsdale offers outdoor recreational opportunities to campers, anglers, boaters, hunters, swimmers, horseback riders, model airplane fliers, hikers, naturalists, picnickers, photographers, sightseers, and those out to enjoy our natural environment.

1 month ago

2 months ago

on Hillsdale Lake Loop Trail

3 months ago

Around 24 of us had a nice morning hiking 4 miles on this trail. The trail is relatively flat with mild elevation gain/loss. This trail is an out/back so you will cover the same ground twice.

The trail we hiked is on the west side of the dam (off of Osawatomie Road) where the marina and campgrounds are located. This is not the trails referenced in the initial map.

These are mainly horse trails. We had and ok time hiking it but had to constantly on the lookout for horse poop.

amazing sunset view

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Rocky and a bit overgrown, but a fun way to spend an hour. Having trouble getting my track to sync up!!