This trail has many different skill levels. You can stick to the main trail, which is paved, or you can hike all the way around the lake, which is what I did. Lots of pretty views and the trail is well maintained. There are trail maps posted every couple of miles so you don’t have to worry much about getting lost.

Somewhat confusing map available at entry, could use more landmarks. But a great hike/walk. We mainly ended up on both the horse and walking trail and it was a great jaunt. Would like to do the full15 miles next time.

There is actually a trail around the entire lake which I estimated to be 15 miles...according to the MapMyRun app. It is easy to difficult. The brochure I picked up calls it a "nature trail which you can hike or bike 13 miles of trails including 3 miles of ADA approved trail and are single-track consisting of packed earth & grass...rated easy to moderate...features native grass and woodland areas...rustic foot bridges and wildflower plots". I have gone around it twice and the loop several times. Recently, they hosted a chuckwagon event with horses so the last time around I used a few of the horse trails where the nature trail was less maintained. It is very rugged and needs some maintenance. There are also wilderness signs to read towards the dam. The trail is not well marked so keep your bearings. I live nearby so it's a great local trail for me and I'm proud to say we at least have a great one in our community. It does cost $3.00 at the gate. I don't mind because the dollars keep the lake spiffied up. Website:

If you geocache, I have a friend who says there are over 100 there. Camping, swimming, boating, birdwatching, horse trails, a chapel & shelter houses.