24 days ago

The scenic overlook was so beautiful but it was confusing to find the trails. The sign looks like you should go right, but you need to go straight. The view is worth it. Could someone please tell me how to get to the caves? Also I see pictures of people kayaking here. Where do they get the boats into the creek?

We pulled into the lot and noticed it is a public hunting area. There were two truckloads of men and some had semi-automatic guns. Needless to say we did not hike as it didn't feel safe at all!

There are some cool places here. The southern trail, through the canyon, is beautiful and unique. And the scenic overlook is gorgeous (but treacherous, with no railing of any kind). There are far more than 2.5 miles of trails here. Some are out and back spurs. We hiked nearly everything, and came in at just about eight miles of total hiking. My biggest criticism is that 90% of the trails are mowed paths. Fortunately it was cloudy (and then rained after we finished).

10 months ago

You must see and explore inside the caves. Omg they are awesome. Does need more benches, signs to label all trails. Garbage cans and a picnic table would be nice.

Loved this trail! Can't wait to bring my husband back so we can explore more. Great trails for dogs!

Beautiful well kept trail with a variety of terrain. Our first time on the trail we got a little confused because we didn't study the map very well. very kid friendly as well!