Beautiful view from Julien monument but watch out on the roads down below for the water treatment plants that are a bit smelly if you get stuck walking around them.

2 months ago

People put their kayaks in here and it is a lovely trail by the creek but it can be a little buggy, of course.

4 months ago

Great birding trail. Savannas, Catfish Creek, upland and lowland forest. Unique ferns.

Trail also continues down north side of ridge down to Riprow Vallay. great view from the JD Monument.

7 months ago

This is a short trail that climbs from the parking area to the monument. You could always drive up to the monument, but where is the fun in that? From the lower parking area you first climb some metal stairs, and then continue to climb up the ravine to the upper parking area. From there it is a short walk down a paved path to the small "castle" monument. You cannot go inside the castle, but the view of the river and of Dubuque from the monument is spectacular.

10 months ago

The straighter, creekside portion of the loop is a wide and flat path. The other side of the loop consists of some brisk climbing up and then down the ridge on stair paths. When we hiked the blackberries were in bloom and were plentiful.