The beach area will see construction of sidewalks and modifications of the beach shelter sewage system during the fall of 2010. The playground area will be fenced off to allow construction of sidewalks and for additional playground equipment to be installed. The beach area will remain open during this time with the exception of the area in the immediate vicinity of the playground. The beach shelter is available on a first come/first serve basis but restrooms and kitchenette will not open until sewer issues are resolved. (updated 9/14/10)

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on Geode State Park

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6 months ago

Awesome 8 mi round that circles a beautiful lake.

trail running
7 months ago

This is my favorite trail run close to Mount Pleasant. It's 7 miles with enough elevation change to be challenging.

Good hike taking only about 3 1/2 hours. Fitbit recorded this as almost 8 1/2 miles. No, we didn't get lost, we stayed on the trail.

a nice short walk around the lake. trails are wide and smooth, easy to manage at all times. recommended gear is bug spray and water. the camping leaves much to be desired. it feels more like a parking lot with firepits. there's little privacy and few trees to give the illusion of privacy. the fishing is ok.

This was my first time to this park. It was gorgeous and the trail was great! Really enjoyed how it follows along the lake. The Fall colors were amazing here! Will definitely go back!

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6 years ago

Lake Geode was one of our favorite places to go with our dog Bailey when we lived in Iowa. It is a diverse trail that goes deep into the woods and also close to the lake. The lake has many great fishing spots and the fishing is quite good. The trail itself takes a few hours to walk if you choose to walk the whole distance around the lake so I advise to take plenty of water and maybe even a snack. There are several places to stop and rest a bit as well with picnic benches and charcoal grills.