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This is a great hike but the Easy rating is odd. Trails nine and three are rated very rugged by the park and there are definitely parts that are very rugged. And beautiful!

The trail itself was uneventful and the “Camel’s Back” had alright scenery, but if you go a little off trail a little at Camel’s Back you’ll find a great spot to hammock and relax

We set out to do the perimeter 5 mile challenge hike but we ended up doing trails 1, 2, 3, 4, 8 and 10 and lots of back tracking due to trails being poorly marked This really needs to be addressed. Trail 3 was the most enjoyable and fun with the rock climbing, ravines, etc. I also really enjoyed Gypsy Gulch, suspension bridge and covered bridge. Everything was was just ok. We covered almost 7 miles and it was all pretty easy with only a couple strenuous areas. I’m glad we did it and checked it off the list, it’s worth seeing once but wouldn’t go back and do it again.

These are mostly easy with 2 moderate hikes, very enjoyable. Creek is nearby so definitely will need bug spray to fend off the bugs.

easy walking

2 months ago

Many hiking trails offering great views and beauty all around. The canyons are so much fun to climb in for all ages.

Decent day hike. River was kind of dirty after it had rained the day before. Good family and picnic areas.

Good hike for the Midwest. Some elevation change below sea level made it a lot more interesting than I would have thought. Overall, relatively easy trail and a recommended trail for beginners and up. When sunny, trail 3 can be extremely scenic.

fun, really cool spots

Nice loop.. Pretty rugged at some place. Nice fun

The canyons were amazing! We had a lovely hike!

Trail #3 and #9 were the most thrilling with hills, rocks, water, and stairs. Lots of pretty views and critters as well.

Trail 1 is beautiful and not as busy as the popular trail 3. It’s a nice hike to take 1 to 2 to 4 across the covered bridge.

This is Indiana's Starved Rock, even better. We have heard about this park many years ago, but this is our first-time visit. Enjoyed every minute of it and look forward to our next visit.

If you combine all of the trails together, the trails are great. If you're individually picking them apart, three stars for each as they're too short. Tackle them all at once and they offer a five-star experience when done together.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Did this trail on 9/16/2017. Fairly easy trail. Scenic and much less populated then the left trails

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Great Hiking

Beautiful park, clean facilities and awesome trails. Can't wait to visit again!

Love this place and all the trails

Beautiful place.

The most amazing hike I've ever been on. It was beautiful and unique! Hiking alongside the canyon walls and climbing ladders was so fun! My 5 year old had the most fun exploring and being our trail guide. A little difficult for my 2 year old and I ended up carrying him in the baby carrier for about a third of it. He also got tired towards the end. But it was still super amazing and we will definitely go back!

Did #7 and #11 and part of #6. 7 is absolutely gorgeous and a bit challenging for sure. #11 is short, easy, and fairly boring.

Sunday, July 09, 2017

This was my first time in Turkey Run and it is an instant favorite! It feels like proper hiking in mostly flat Indiana. Trail #9 is rated as Very Rugged and features some canyoneering. It can be potentially dangerous with a lot of rain, so always check with park authorities for any trail closures or warnings. Lots of lovely fern and other wildflowers. You do get to go up one of the ladders at the junction of Trail #5 and Trail #3. Trail #3 is the most popular trail so that was quite crowded. Lots of fun, highly recommended!

This place was challenging at times. Worth the trip though. Tails were well marked and heavily trafficked. There were a lot of people so it's not the place to go if you wish to be more secluded. State park workers were walking around picking up trash that people left. Seems to be a habit of many visitors. Sad. But will probably come back.

Heavy trail traffic, stressed out parents, and people not very mindful of their trash and animals. I stepped in dog crap not once but twice on trails #5 and #9. And to top it off, as I and a few other folks were exiting trail #3 some kids wading in the creek decided to start throwing rocks up at the wall above us. A guy and his young son behind me were almost struck by one of the rocks that hit the trail. Bad day at the park for sure.

Easy but not the best that Turkey Run has to offer

Wasn't as scenic as the other trials that turkey run has to offer.

Trial 3 was amazing. Trial 2 is ok. 6,7,11 are super short. Trial 6,7 are neat. Trail 1 is lame.

Not as rugged as I expected but beautiful hike

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