You'll marvel at the natural geologic wonders of this beautiful park as you hike along its famous trails. Nestled along State Road 47 southwest of Crawfordsville, you'll want to explore the deep, sandstone ravines and walk along the stands of aged forests, and enjoy the scenic views along Sugar Creek. Visit the Colonel Richard Lieber Cabin which commemorates the contributions of the father of Indiana's state park system.

1 day ago

Heavy trail traffic, stressed out parents, and people not very mindful of their trash and animals. I stepped in dog crap not once but twice on trails #5 and #9. And to top it off, as I and a few other folks were exiting trail #3 some kids wading in the creek decided to start throwing rocks up at the wall above us. A guy and his young son behind me were almost struck by one of the rocks that hit the trail. Bad day at the park for sure.

6 days ago

Visually stunning but very busy, even during the week.

on Trail #3

7 days ago

Easy but not the best that Turkey Run has to offer

13 days ago

Flat out amazing

Wasn't as scenic as the other trials that turkey run has to offer.

Trial 3 was amazing. Trial 2 is ok. 6,7,11 are super short. Trial 6,7 are neat. Trail 1 is lame.

17 days ago

I hike these trails at Turkey Run every year. By far the best spot in Indiana to trail hike.

23 days ago

25 days ago

All trails at turkey run are awesome. Especially 2,3,5,6,7. A great park to spend a couple days at.

Not as rugged as I expected but beautiful hike