One of my favorite places to hike, woods, lake, marshes. Lots of birds and wildlife

I did this trail recently on a weekday afternoon with my dog. It was very quiet (we didn't see anyone else on the trail) and it was well-marked and pretty. Would definitely do this one again!

great place to hike. it is one of my favorite places to go to take nature photos. it has a board walk over a marsh that ends up on spicer lk itself. a wetland trail that winds along side the marsh and ends up at the other lk. there are several other trails that go through woods and fieldsgreat place to bird. and has a lot o8 f wildlife and wild flowers

I enjoyed my visit and want to come back to explore more

Thursday, September 07, 2017

Love the wildlife. very nice. We have seen deer, otters, geese, snakes, and raccoons. possible bobcat sleeping in a tree.