I walk my dog here frequently. Nice loop and scenery around water. A lot of places to stop and give my dog water at a bench or table, a few trash cans along the way for tossing his waste so I’m not carrying it the whole time. Sometimes I wish it was longer but I just loop around 2-3 times.

This was a nice trail. Black topped path with nice greenery surrounding path. Some areas of the water were a bit foul smelling. The area just past the cafe was along a busy road but if you wanted to shorten the trail you could bypass that part and go across the covered bridge. all in all a nice walk.

Saturday, November 19, 2016

I love Shadyside! Going to college in Anderson made this a great place to go running for a workout or walk and talk with a friend. It's beautiful. My husband and I even got our engagement pictures done here.

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