Shades State Park is that peaceful place you've been looking for. Located about 17 miles southwest of Crawfordsville (off S.R. 47), it is a favorite for hikers and canoeists. The beautiful sandstone cliffs overlooking Sugar Creek and numerous shady ravines provide the backdrop for your journey through this nature lover's paradise. Adjacent Pine Hills Nature Preserve affords spectacular topography for those willing to take a fairly long hike.

Amazing. Starts off with an easy stroll, then a taste of ridge with turkey backbone, then head left and check out the incredible devils backbone. Absolutely gorgeous. I do recommend doing the backbone first, then looping down to honeycomb rock. Descending the backbone in reverse is a bit tricky. Gorgeous views!

Awesome! Great adventure...Devil's Backbone is totally worth it.

the Devil's Backbone is the coolest part of the trail!

Its kewl

Love the place, in my top 5 for Indiana. A must see.

Favorite nature preserve in Indiana!

2 months ago

Great hidden gem in Indiana. The backbones are amazing. Some climbing required...

A great place to enjoy Indiana's natural beauty.

We loved it. Really cool going over the backbones! A couple of places made me uneasy due to heights but absolutely a great hike! Definitely a Hoosier must!

Nice walk to Pine Hills preserve. Would rather walk this than drive after hiking the tougher trails in the park.

Nice trail, nothing I would consider hard. A few steps were pretty tall. A child or elderly person might need a little assistance on those, but otherwise a short and easy hike.

Hidden gem! Almost as majestic a hike as the nearby Turkey Run, but more challenging, and much less trafficked. We hiked in the morning on a Sunday and the place was very quiet and empty, we didn't see anyone else until we headed out. There is a longish hike-in part through some rather unremarkable flat wooded area until you get to the "good stuff" of the Devil's Backbone and Honeycomb rock, but it's worth the fuss. There is a fair amount of scrambling so wear good shoes, but doable for anyone in decent health.