17 days ago

Surprisingly wonderful hike this close to Cumberland and Easy Washington Street. The park is tucked away from the road and the trail is like stepping into a hidden forest. Definitely a moderate trail with some steep inclines and elevation changes. I took my dogs, but don't recommend it. The trail can be very tight in some areas. Also, don't go when there has been much rain. The trails can get pretty flooded and deep with mud. It isn't marked very well compared to state park trails and there have been MANY visitor-made trails that can get someone turned around. Some of them end up in the backyards of nearby neighborhoods, so make sure you pay attention to the turns. I ended up in a backyard while someone was mowing. Whoops. Lovely creek views and not heavily trafficked. I went on a Sunday morning. Very enjoyable and peaceful and I will definitely go again. Sans dogs this time. :)

Great hiking for a short distance..

2 months ago

Excellent park that you would never know is there. It's maybe 5 minutes from my house and is awesome to take my dog to and walk around the woods.