29 days ago

Nice wildness trail. Few trees over trail but no problem climbing over. Trail to north point overgrown. During the winter months lake elevations are very low we walked shoreline. Totem Rock and Pilot Knob are a must see. A lot of rock outcroppings. Trail signs do need some TLC

needs some TLC, but OK for a quick get away

6 months ago

Not an experienced hiker by any means and a bit overweight, we completed the trail today. While, strenuous, it wasn't as bad as I had envisioned. Enjoyed the hike, parts of the trail are a bit overgrown, but nothing we couldn't navigate. Lots of spiderwebs, but nothing different then being in the woods hunting squirrels this time of year. We loved the hike and will go back and do it again soon. One word of caution, we did get a good dose of turkey ticks that took some time to tend to once we got home. Overall, we all enjoyed the trail and look forward to our next trek.

7 months ago

Disappointed with the upkeep of this trail. Over grown is the best description I can come up with. Several trees have fallen across what is supposed to be the trail. The trail itself is a dirt/mud path with lots of narrow paths that is overgrown by posion ivy and of brush.

Not maintained at all. Muddy, rocky, tons of spider webs and your typical woody pests. The trail itself went from some areas (very few) that two people could walk side by side, to overgrown and less than 4-5 inches wide in some parts. Less than a mile in, we already had to climb over two very large trees that had fallen across the path. Overall, was pretty disappointed in the general lack of maintenance, given the fact that it's in a state park.

Fantastic trail in all aspects. Hiked in late spring, and got caught in a rain storm, but that made it more enjoyable for me.

11 months ago

Not bad. Some markets were missing but overall a good experience.

Very scenic trail for Indiana, lots of small hills with a few bigger ones makes for a nice little two hour hike.

1 year ago

I hiked this trail in 2014 it's marked as a moderate trail. I'd give it a bit more but was definitely a good hike. most of the trail is marked very well. Has some really nice rock formations and a couple views of the lake.

Not sure where Stewart hiked but it wasn't this trail. You start near the back of the visitors center. At 1.6 miles you get to totem rock, a very interesting site, the next 5 miles is just a walk on a trail in the woods, nothing special but a good work out!

The trails are logging roads: wide, muddy, and very rutted up by vehicles. Alot of trees being logged creates a very ugly , messy looking trail. Would not recommend unless you want a very strenuous hike.