12 days ago

backpacked this weekend from Indian hills to low gap backcountry area. I planned to retrace my route tomorrow back to my car but the total disruption to the trail experience by the multiple timber harvests made me change my mind. instead getting a ride in the morning back to my car.
The actual trail is good and well marked but the reroutes leave you bushwacking or road walking for miles on end.
Lutheran Hills and the Foxes Den Shelter area are supposed to be closed based on signage but it wasnt on trail site so I went anyways and regretted it. It seems the lumber company used the trail and blocked it more than any other area.
Kudos to the volunteers who have cleared the trails and blazed them - great work!! I really wanted to love this trail but I was left wanting a less unstable trail. I am really disappointed in how Yellowwood Forest has been pillaged.