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I made it to the point where you have to follow the creek bed. Definitely a trail to return to when the weather warms up. Even though I couldn’t hike the entire trail I still had some gorgeous views!

A snow covered hike on a well marked trail. A few creek crossings the resulted in slightly wet boots. Will definitely be back to enjoy this trail in other seasons.

Incredibly beautiful if you’re willing to work for it

1 month ago

Beautiful waterfall and fun scramble down the frozen river. The second half of the hike wasn't as amazing, but still pretty! The start of trail 3 was really confusing, but that may have been due to the snow and ice.

Short hike thru a small part of Indiana's oldest state park. Lightly traveled, for a cold day in December. It was only 12 above. Not much wildlife out at this time of year, however saw a few squirrels and a crow or two.

McCormick's Creek is one of my favorites in Indiana and this trail is a lot of fun. Love following the creek and hiking up to the waterfall. Pack some water shoes in your backpack and get out in the water!

5 months ago

Starts off with a nice walk on the ridge, it was nice being able to look down to the river, and then heading down.

5 months ago

The fire tower is definitely the highlight of this trail! Definitely check it out!

5 months ago

Always enjoy hikes with a nice payoff and the falls are nice :)

5 months ago

Loved the cave! :)

on Falls Canyon Trail

5 months ago

The park has a lot to offer, and the falls are a nice highlight of this trail.

My golden retriever and I finally completed Trail 7 as our previous efforts had been thwarted by flooding. There is a nice boardwalk in the flood plain close to the river to keep us out of the muck. But to be clear, on this late August day, there wasn't much muck. Nice shady, well marked trail with one small descent down off the bluff and then back up again. A few small trees to climb over but they were tiny. We will definitely be back as parts of the creek here as less traveled which my dog loved.

Neat cave, but trail is all crushed gravel.

nice, well maintained trail through Wolf Cave Nature Preserve.

We went on a beautiful day. The trail was well kept and easy to navigate. The cave was busy so we didn't spend a whole lot of time in the area but were able to experience enough that we didn't feel we missed out on anything.

Great hike with our 4 & 5 year old kids. They loved seeing the cave but didn't make it all the way through before turning back. They also liked the creek crossings trying to keep their shoes dry.

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9 months ago

great lool trail, has a challenging hill and Creek passes. can get crowded on weekends

Lovely place to hike and trail 5 is awesomely landscaped. Some stairs after the cave was the only spot that wasn't flat.

11 months ago

This trail is actually a combination of trails 3, 5, 7 (and maybe some of 10) on the park map. I enjoyed trail three at the beginning of this hike. Much of it follows the riverbed and it's always fun to clamber over the rocks. Trail five (Wolf cave), is simple but enjoyable and Trail 7 gives some cool views of cliffs but isn't anything spectacular. A good hike, but better ones can be found at Shades State Park.

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