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1 day ago

Not a difficult hike. Crosses with dirt roads. Good to be outdoors.

Have been to this secluded jewel of a location in the Hoosier National inumerable times. Whether camping or a daytrip I absolutely reccomend this beautiful unique trail to anyone in the area or afar. The far side of the trail conceals an astounding giant cave formation halfway up the cliffs. Love it.

10 days ago

Nice trail for a early season overnight. Pretty muddy in the bottoms but I have to consider that southern Indiana has had lots of flooding in the last few weeks. I would still hike this trail again.

Went august . Beautiful . Loudest crickets I've heard at night. Like a full orchestra. Saw coyote . And snakes. Some ticks. In tall grass

Loved this hike! It was kid friendly but challenged them on some of the off shoots of the trails to climb rocks and explore. We spent about 2 hours getting lost in all the different areas we could safely climb! Loved the views and waterfalls!

Great hike! Took about 2 hours and 15 mins to do this loop at a pretty quick pace with minimal stops. Beautiful scenic loop passing by Lake Monroe. Hillier than expected, but nonetheless an afternoon well spent. Clean, obvious trails.

19 days ago

Would avoid. The hoof-prints make for a very muddy ordeal and the overgrowth are a breeding ground for chiggers, (pants are a must, my dog and I were infected). There are no designated backpacking sites along. Also the trail was covered in spider webs.

19 days ago

Wonderful trail and great campsites for a simple 1 night trip. Did it in mid-august and saw very few hikers. The two dams make for a great spot for lunch or sunset.

24 days ago

Fun, scenic trail! Great workout too, as there are a lot of very steep hills to climb. Someone scratched in "you are here" markings on the metal signs along the way, which proved to be helpful! We started north, passing the White Tail Trailhead, intending to do the entire outer loop. we missed our first turn to the right and ended up coming back south onto the trail that runs through the middle. But we did continue to head west and did the remainder of the outer loop coming back over the part of trail that we started on. With all the rain we've had, the water was very high and we had difficulty finding a place where we could cross the creek without getting our feet soaked. Otherwise, pretty smooth sailing! I will say the mileage on this map entry is way off. The map the trail provides states the entire loop in 7.7miles, and with the little section we missed, and only retracing one small part of the trail coming back to the entrance, we finished at 6.8miles.

25 days ago

Pretty flooded with all the rain recently, but that’s to be expected. Very fun trail.

This is a beautiful trail and an easy hike. Enjoyed the waterfalls.

1 month ago

Had a great time . Beautiful area , first time here and won’t be the last . The brown leaves on the trail quickly turned all white ! Started with sleet and snow it did !

50 degree day in January made for a crowd. But this is a beautiful trail and my 4 year old did great!

A lot of fun. Definitely challenging if you are new to hiking or (and) out of shape. I liked how clear the trail was. The lake was very pretty, looking forward to hiking this route again in the spring and fall for more foliage.

Trail is clear and wide. Took advantage of a warm January day after melting snow and rain. Some spots were a little chewed up from horse traffic, but overall a good trail. Few water crossings, but not too deep and decent hills and views. Will definitely do it again.

2 months ago

A hilly walk in the woods. The trail is in pretty rough shape this time of year with frozen hoofprints from horses. No bridges, but fairly easy to do the 2 water crossings.

Easy trail with a couple god climbs and amazing scenery.

2 months ago

Trail was great, pitched a tent for the night at the only spot by the lake with my 11 year old. Though a spotting the place was hard, it was off trail. This was the only spot with flat ground as the terrain is mostly hilly. Thanks to someone who had made a stone fireplace.
Some rookie mistakes I made :-).
Was overconfident on starting a fire and did not carry a fire starter. Rain had made wood soggy and I ended up loosing my propane tank cooking burner trying to make fire. We succeed after an hour of trying.
I broke my 2.2 lb axe as it caught in a wood splitting position with a dead wood.
Found out I had pitched the tent, by a giant dead wood tree) not that there were many, flat locations away from path of expected rain). Made a makeshift dead wood A-frame to avert being crushed to death. However, my son woke me up at 2:45am scared for his life and asked if we could move the tent (He had actually heard rain water dumping from the rain fly). I had to look for any other options and assure myself things will be fine and fixed the rain fly that took 45 minuets in the biting cold.
Took off for evening walk till the creek but lost our way on the way back as I had forgotten to mark to spot to our site, did catch it quickly and found it in about 10 minuets. My son was terrified.
We heard shot gun shots all day long - we had our hunter orange on and obviously did not get shot :)
There were some friendly trail runners with dogs (off leash). Temperatures were 55F first day to 30F the following morning.
Woke up to a freezing morning with flurries and ice slush. Fire was all out for the rain for last night were out for propane to make oatmeal or warm coco. Packing up to leave in the cold took over an hour. Hiking back was good after about half way, we did not want to take chances and headed the way back we came from. Thanks to someone in the comments here we took the path to climb up (right) and reach the lake view in about 2.5 miles. Overall ours spirits are not broken and survived our first winter hike...
thank you and all the best...

One of the best trails around. Lots of hills and scenic spots.

3 months ago

Great trail and lots of history here.

3 months ago

Amazing gem that changes with the seasons and weather. I had children from 6-13 and no issues navigating but we do a lot of hiking. A family favorite!

Great trail with two (trickling) waterfalls around 30ft high. Lots to see in such a short trail.

3 months ago

Nice trail. Clean and marked well. Took four kids aged 12, 11, 9, and 6 and everyone had a great time. Beautiful views of the lake.

3 months ago

An excellent hike with a good layout and multiple distance options. The views of the ridge lines and lake were great this fall. Thanks to whomever was kind enough to scratch in the “you are here” marks on the sign posts.

4 months ago

Southern Indiana may have broken some records for rainfall as it poured for five days prior to our trip. Park personnel and conservation officers looked at us like we were crazy for trying the loop after such heavy rainfall - and we were. The trail was impassable in a dozen places and we trekked an extra 6+ miles off trail to get around flooded areas. The lakes were gorgeous, but stay away from this loop in early spring.

I have done this hike several times and I think the best time does this hike is in the winter when there are the frozen waterfalls. Either way the hike is scenic but way too short.

4 months ago

terrain and trail around Indian lake was decent. however, Indian lake was nasty. stunk like stagnant water and was so low you couldn't walk down to the edge to filter water due to the deep mud all the way around the shore. campsites were few and not very close to water. Celina lake looked much nicer but didn't have time to hike around it. I suggest doing this loop counter clockwise and plan to make it to Celina lake before you can find decent campsite. the overall condition and signage of the trail was very good and was great walking. this would be a good early winter hike, summer hikes would be hot and buggy. it's a heavily used trail, we met lots of other overnight backpackers along the trail.

The falls are almost dried up at this time, down to a few trickles, still about my favorite trail, love the canyon and all the cliff views!

Great hike, good elevation but good trail pattern to ease the climb. Somewhat a low gap trail ‘little brother’. Fairly low traffic and great scenery. Perfect Sunday morning excursion.

5 months ago

The hike was enjoyable, albeit a bit arduous at times. There are some great places to rest near the lake. Be wary going off trail, most of everything you see belongs to giant spooky spiders who know how tall you are, and primarily make webs at that height.

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